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How much longer will BB coach?

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Dec 3rd

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He'll need 5 or 6 more years. Most coaches don't continue into their 70's so his years are numbered. I give him 5 tops. 75 sounds right, health permitting.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
BB will coach till ne passes Shula. He loves Football history and wants to be on top of history.
26 wins can be minimum 2 years (unlikely but doable) Definitely 3 years. If he stays successful who knows how long he will stay. As long as he stays successful and healthy his obsession with football will be hard for him to drag himself away


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I had previously seen 26 wins. Now I see that was for playoffs also.
Add another year or two to my totals for regular season wins

Kenneth Sims Supporter Supporter
It's actually very impressive how Shula has so many wins to catch up to, given how successful BB has been
Shula was 33 years old when he started his head coaching career. He coached 32 years between the Colts and Dolphins before retiring at 65. He then was able to enjoy the fruits of his labor and be lauded for his accomplishments for another 25 years until his death in 2020.


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I didn't really expect BB to coach this long, but since he has I'd guess 75 is his max age. That could be shortened by another title.


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IF the Patriots win the SB this year (very long shot), I think he will retire as HC.

Guess is that McDaniels will take over as HC very soon. Within 2yrs.

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By the way if you ever wondered how old Marv Levy was, the priestly tribe among the Israelites when the 12 tribes wandered over from Egypt was called the Levites.

They're named after him.
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