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Not draft related but I figured I'd drop it in here. Muamba is a Canadian linebacker, born in Zaire, who has spent 3 seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He was released two days ago to pursue NFL aspirations. The Patriots are among a few teams that have worked him out.

He is only 6-0, 230 but has solid speed and is apparently a good special teamer. He looks pretty athletic from the few highlights I can find. He was named Winnipeg's MVP last season.

I hope they bring him in, it would probably be a very low risk signing. If he can play special teams and add some speed and depth at LB that would be great. He will likely not be asked to do much more than that, and if they can acquire some depth without using a draft choice or spending much on a veteran free agent I'm all for it. The Pats signed two CFLers last year in Jason Vega and Armond Armstead, and obviously hopes are still high for Armstead.

CFL players are something that NFL teams should be targeting, while a different game and lower level of competition these guys are still proving themselves to be pros, coming to work every day, etc. Baltimore worked him out too, go get him before the Ratbirds end up with him!

Plus he has a cool name. All aboard the Muamba bandwagon!

Highlight video with strange vocals dubbed in at times Henoc Muamba Highlight film 2011-2007 - YouTube

CFL 2011 Draft: 1st Overall Pick- Henoc Muamba - YouTube

He looks pretty raw but very athletic. Of course these are from three years ago, he's likely a little more polished now.

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Just noticed on that second vid a 6.72 3cone. Sign the beast!! ;)

Impressive. But Jeff Tarpinian had a 6.78 3-cone. I got pretty excited about his potential, but it never materialized. But by all means, take a look at the kid (which they've already done).


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A little too small and short for the Pats typical linebacker. To stick he would need to be a special teams ace and give us some good coverage ability on the te/rb.

Hmm, he was a #1 overall pick? Perhaps his athleticism can overcome his size deficit and it's been a couple of years so maybe he put on 15-20 lbs of muscle since his draft day...


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NOW he is a Colt, 3 year deal, Cordarro Law is still available. Law is a 24 year old DE/OLB who is coming off a season in Canada with 14 sacks, 44 tackles, and 3 TFL. He is 6'1 254 and was waived by the Seahawks after last year's training camp. He played college ball with Jamie Collins at Southern Miss and has already been worked out by NE, ATL, JAX, and BAL