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Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
This is the first scene from a CBD Medic commercial. Second scene is Gronk wincing in pain while flexing his knee. Third scene is Gronk's dad, saying, "hey kid try these" while tossing Gronk CBD gummies. The final scene is Gronk at a club dancing with 9 beautiful ladies.
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The lack of receiving options for Brady is a sure sign that Gronk will be back this season.

A Gronk in his golden playing days is better than the cast of TEs on the roster today. Brady can count on Gronk like he counts on Edlelman. Look for the big mans return when the season really begins in November.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Where did that "which tightend should the Pats have drafted instead" thread go?

We should have drafted Knox or Moreau, it was a bad idea to keep moving back for late round picks. The pick we wasted on Eric Saubert could have grabbed us Moreau instead of letting the Raiders jump ahead and take him.

Both Moreau and Knox are solid, and just playing never mind impressing at TE as a rookie is notoriously difficult.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Not sure how he's going to get any catches after we trade for AJ Green, Stephon Diggs and Emmanuel Sanders.


In the Starting Line-Up
We have a lock down defense and we're not playing any QB's with significant experience for the rest of the season. We're facing a really good but inexperienced QB at home in week 14.

I think we can secure the 1 seed with minimal use of Gronk in regular season.

We really just need him for 2 home playoff games and the superbowl.

Does Gronk have 3 big games left in him?


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If there is a way to make the cap money work out BB will figure out a way.

Something must be done to help out Brady.
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