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Sep 12th

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Gord wanted the team NOT to ir him because Gord said his son could play in the SB if they made it...Belichick said no way, valued the roster spot, the rehab was not guaranteed.... Both sides r not happy w each other...
Damn I wish I could listen to all these conversations too. Can you tell me your secret? Do you have belichicks phone tapped?


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It's still weird to me that Gronk hasn't been a part of this late season surge.

Yes and people better damn well not be using it to support the, "See, we don't need Gronk and can trade him for picks." narrative.

Mark my words, there will be a point in these playoffs where the offense is struggling and a game-changing talent like Gronk is required to get them going.
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Assuming Gronk gets back to 100% (or even 90%), I think that the Pats will hold him back in the early part of the season (PUP) and carefully monitor his reps so that he has a better chance of contributing during a playoff run next year. IIRC they used to limit Antoine Smith in his latter seasons and I think they did that with Lewis this year. Great strategy if you can keep winning early.

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Good news. I hope, and this is gonna sound cowardly but I'll take it, but I hope they reel in how much they use Gronk with Bennett here now. Maybe now that we have Floyd and Hogan too we can take fewer deep shots to Gronk that put him in harm's way and turn it up starting December. Can't play scared of getting hurt but at what point do you just try to play the odds and keep the guy healthy for the playoffs?


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The wife of 25 years and 3 kids sorta make that not realistic or desired.



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They shouldn't have ir'd him, 8 weeks is the SB I think. 6 to 8 weeks is the recovery time.
C'mon, man.....

"6-8 weeks" wouldn't have applied for his first back surgery, let alone his third. The whole entire article is about the good news that he's (currently) on track to participate in OTAs which occur 3.5-4 months from now in April and May.

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Obviously it's due to the injury but it's really crazy to think of what little production we got out of Gronk this year. I mean , 25 catches?!?!? Even knowing how many games he missed I was still surprised by how low that stat was.

I love Gronk and would never entertain cutting him. THe dude is a beast when healthy. I just wish he could stay healthy.
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