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Former NFL (and Patriot) DB Phillip Adams kills 5, then himself

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The fact that this happens once in a while with an NFL player is probably running to the norm statistically. Plus there's the uncertainty and destabilization thrown in of concussion incidence rates. And unfortunately, the more it happens, the more it grows in the back of our conditioned minds as an acceptable and normalized way of resolving things.
As a Brit this thought process is just so alien to us. How something like this could be normalised. very sad

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I wonder if he was one of the players who was denied a CTE settlement because he was black and his cognitive function hadn't degraded enough to count?

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*CTE has entered the chat*
Just thinking I’m wondering what slants the media will come up with over the next 2 days to take one guys action and try to make as many other people and groups responsible as they can.
Have to go now because I have a webinar to attend where the speaker will discuss social justice and discrimination as it relates to the outdoors.


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Does the media blame CTE, the NRA or the Patriots for this one?
The narrative is a mental health issue given who was involved, rather than the typical gun issue cop out. Interesting how that works.

This POS can rot in hell for his heinous acts that ruined families.


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This thread is taking an interesting turn...

RIP to the victims. Horrible


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I'm going to go out on a limb and say if you murder anyone, unless in self defense, you're garbage human being, CTE or no CTE

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If I'm understanding correctly, someone lost both their parents and children at the same time. Literally doesn't get worse than that.

can you even imagine getting that call?

dont see how you could move forward after something like that


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Horrors of the actual story aside, I am kinda bothered the reporting highlights his time as a Patriot above all the other teams.


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Everyone wants to try and rationalize why someone would randomly kill 5 people. The truth is, if you do that, you are clearly not in your right mind. Drug use is usually the #1 factor. So before you claim football did this, lets check his drug history and a toxicology report. People become dependent on drugs and their sense of right and wrong diminishes in concert with their need to acquire more drugs. I have watched a high school honor student hold a knife to a teenage girls neck and demand $20. I think we are going to see the long term bad side effects of rampant drug use during adolescence.