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Bill gave lukewarm praise only to Mayo as a good coach


Belichick has a weekly appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show,” and was unusually chatty Tuesday. He opened up about a few things previously untouched upon, but notably skirted the opportunity to put some shine on Mayo when asked how he’s progressed as a coach.

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“I think all of our defensive coaches have done a really good job,” Belichick said, as transcribed by WEEI’s Mike Kadlick. “Collectively, they work together. It’s hard to single everybody out because they work so well together as a total group. They — overall, the players, the coaches — have had a good chemistry and have battled through some tough situations with a great mindset. I think all of those coaches deserve their share of the credit on that.”

I suspect Bill knew he was won the way out and that Mayo was a threat to become his successor.
Not a great look for Bill if you ask me. Seems petty and not cool. He could have been more supportive.
Maybe. Whatever.
Also you have to bear in mind that Mayo was working in tandem with Bill's son. To be overly effusive in praise to Mayo would be detracting from Stevie B's impact.
Or he was carrying Bill's son.

Either way the question was about Mayo and he basically chose to ignore it.

Very very petty.
So, this the 24 hour pile on thread?

I showed my respect "all day yesterday" by not saying anything negative. Now time to take out my frustrations of the last few years.

**It's almost worth it just for the butthurt reactions on here.
stone cold football facts? oh man...

spock GIF

ya know, you got me... what can i do to refute that?
I never knew Spock cursed (never really watched the show). Isn't cursing showing emotion?
I never knew Spock cursed (never really watched the show). Isn't cursing showing emotion?
**** ... My logic has failed me

The Original Series Reaction GIF by Star Trek
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Will there be associated entertainment value if it is? :haha:
I'm hearing Tay Tay *might* make an appearance... But keep that hush hush, it might cause mayhem
LOL. its New England...people are not happy unless they are unhappy. Its a good hire and many coaches/GMs around the league said Mayo was the next up and comer in the head coaching ranks. Now on to hiring a GM and coaching staff. This is a real opportunity to rebuild/refresh the organization
Hiring a new GM feels critical with an inexperienced head coach hire. At least give Mayo some good talent to coach up.

And obviously Mayo is more defensive minded so the OC is going to be critical as well. We can't have a repeat of the 1940's era Patriots offense scoring less than 14 points per game!!!
As far as Bill's reaction. When is the last time you heard a guy that recently got let go say, "Oh yeah the new guy they hired to replace me, he's going to do a much better job than I did!" Pretty much never. So I don't blame him for that, it's human nature.
The Patriots have often designated an assistant as the "Assistant Head Coach". Josh had that after his return. Scar had that for many years. It's nothing new. Not sure how any succesion plan was written into their contracts, but the title I am sure meant something.
The main point of "Assistant HC" is that if the normal HC is not able to coach for whatever reason (e.g., illness), the assistant HC is in charge.

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