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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Seahawks

    Thats why you don't sign Jete cast-offs. Wasn't he one of the few Kickers crying about the BB extra point rule "making his job harder?" Lol, he's terrible.
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Seahawks

    They're pumped and jacked! Players rule the roost on Carrol teams. Bledsoe waiving off the punt team, anyone?
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Seahawks

    If we get down by a few scores, it will get ugly. If the D holds up and we can shorten the game on the ground while putting up points, it's our game to lose. Will be interesting to see how our secondary holds up. The 'hawks put on a clinic last week. No crowd noise works greatly in our favor...
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Miami @ Pats

    AB was here. That was before Kraft cut him over civil suits, before throwing untold thousands at litigation to walk on "crimes" he was literally video taped, twice commiting. That weeks iteration had transcendent talent. This week's front 7?
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    Week 1 vs Miami injury reports (Edelman limited, knee; Gilmore ltd, hamstring)

    Cam has a history of letting guys like Harry get their chances to make plays on contests balls. Hopefully he doesn't get JE killed.
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Miami @ Pats

    Just being realistic. That guy was awful at RG, i see no way he doesn't do worse rt. He was pathetic. Hope I'm wrong. If I'm not, the saving grace will be games won't take long as teams run at will against us. Lol at anyone expecting a safety to be the solution to problems all across the front 7.
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Miami @ Pats

    He gave us fits when the roster was talented. Our dline is so bad, that bumb Eleumanor had a good camp!
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    I want Tom Brady to _____ in Tampa

    Praise from BB usually means you're about to get cut.
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    OT-ish: The gambling thread

    Colts at 8 was too rich for my blood.
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    Pre-game Cam thread.

    He's on a rental, RPO will be seen occasionally. The pats struggle defending it. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."
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    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Why don't the refs carry any of the blame? The NFL crews have turned the end of the 4th quarter into NBA games. Noticed it last year. Noticed it Thursday with a few of the flags (both ways, make sure the possession gets extended, flurry of points). Refs shouldn't be influencing games the way...
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    OT-ish: The gambling thread

    Not going to lie, the miami money line looks tempting. They always play us tough. The big question is whether FitzMagic or FitzTragic shows up. Gilmore on a gimpy leg. Gutted defense. That scrub is playing at RT, so expect OL problems galore for our offense. The complete reworking of the LB...
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    Is BB betting that the NFL season will not finish due to COVID 19?

    Tank? Thats laughable. BB is an NFL historian, not simply the HC of the most dominant NFL dynasty in history. He took two young te's early, and has invested heavily in RB the last few drafts. Sure, there's been losses all over due to Covid/retirement/players moving on. Most playoff contenders...
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    Kraft case being heard this week.

    You see no issue with procedural illegalities being swept under the rug until a Billionaire decided to fight things to save face? Dont get me wrong, I'm not defending the police here. That said, you can't dismiss the potential for trafficing to be how the "servicing party," ended up in said...
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    Welcome to The Patriots Newton!

    Most players are bankrupt within 2 years of leaving the league, IIRC. Cam seemingly likes to spend frivolously (outfits, anyone?), and he likely won't have another chance to earn a massive payday if he doesn't earn one this year. Agents cost money. I'd wager he owns at least one vehicle that is...