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    OT: NFL wanted Sam drafted, made deal w Rams, Fisher...

    The reporters speculation about the league strong arming other teams not to draft Westbrook seems ridiculous. It is the type of baseless speculation that undermines the original story he confirmed with multiple sources. The real story, the NFL and Rams, coached by NFL league office toadie...
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    Big drama incoming for unnamed Patriots player RE: Tray Walker (Who has passed away)

    Not worth speculating on who the player is. There are a ton of different ways players in the NFL get to know each other - share an agent, worked out at the same training facility, met at the rookie symposium, met in HS at a camp or a recruiting visit - literally endless possibilities.
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    Ejections will now be a thing in the nfl*

    Window dressing. Legitimately a zero impact rule used for PR. They aren't talking about facemasks, roughing the passer. It is for unsportsmanlike conduct - fighting, taunting, abusing refs, etc. The thing is, players can already be ejected if refs deem their behavior warrants it and they...
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    Big drama incoming for unnamed Patriots player RE: Tray Walker (Who has passed away)

    Police not knowing his name and not disclosing his name to a reporter are not the same thing.
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    OT: Jack Edwards calls out Felger

    I can understand Edwards being upset at being misquoted. Same with all the others in the past - Mike Reiss, Shane Victorino, etc. The problem is when they call out the sports radio guys high 5s are exchanged all over the offices of the Boston sports radio. The hot sportz take crowd - the...
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    Did the defense in 2014 underachieve?

    Revis didn't underperform in 2014 - even the PFF article doesn't attempt to make that case. They are just trying to be ahead of the game by predicting his decline. Time will tell if that decline is near but the evidence they sighted of a few plays here and there over a 19 game sample was...
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    Why we will continue AFC East Domination

    Rex has got a media fan club second only to Jeff "The Mustache" Fisher and they shape his perception. Most of what they say about him doesn't stand up to scrutiny but scrutiny is reserved for those who don't give great quotes.
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    Did the defense in 2014 underachieve?

    Post KC - they struggled a couple of time vs the Jets at home, at GB, and Baltimore but unless your expectations were dominance on a weekly basis I'm not sure how you could have complaints about the defense.
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    Are the Vikings brain dead?

    No one has to trade for a 13m RB if he is willing to rework his deal to facilitate a trade to that team.
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    Idle thoughts - The abbreviated edition

    I think we always assume the Pats passed on the player and not vice versa. Bush will have a bigger role guaranteed to him out there than he would in NE where the Pats would be thrilled if White emerges. For a vet on a 1 yr deal, he might see San Fran as his chance to build his market value and...
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    Patriots Add TE Scott Chandler – Red Zone Offense Options Expand

    I think it means he will be unstoppable in practice.
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    How special was this last SB to you?

    I'd put it even with the first one for all the reasons others have mentioned about the near misses since 2004. The 2003 and 2004 wins were incredible too but I think I'd have been stunned if either of those teams had lost. After the 2-2 start in 2003 those teams went 32-2 and 1 of those...
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    Dez Bryant rumored to have done something really bad...

    I think the only thing that qualifies as remotely of substance is Adam Schefter told a radio station today he has known about the video and been working on the story since September but didn't offer any other details.
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    AFCE news .... Bills rumored to be pursuing trade for Sam Bradford

    I could see someone taking a flier on Bradford if the price tag is low and he would rework his contract. Not sure as is Bradford has any trade value with the current contract # based on his injury history and his resume. He hasn't been good when he has played mostly because he hasn't shown...
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    Belichick's reaction to Butler INT

    He is all the way down there so he can get to the official and call a time out immediately after the play. You see it all the time in those situations from the defensive head coach. They don't want to lose any time while players turn and look for an official to get a time out. It isn't...