Will Wilfork be here in 2014?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Brady6, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Brady6

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    Recently I have heard mention in threads about whether Wilfork will be here in 2014. The primary reason behind this is obviously his $11.6 million cap hit combined with him coming off Achilles surgery and the fact he just turned 32 years old back on the 4th of this month. In my opinion they will restructure him and extend him out through 2016 on a team friendly deal, I say this because I think Wilfork is a team first guy who likes playing in New England. My belief/hope aside I have to say even if he doesn’t restructure I am bringing Vince back in 2014 and dealing with his cap number.

    What would you do? What do you think the team will do? :attention2:
  2. supafly

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    My guess is that even Belichick doesn't currently know at this point. Many of the personnel decisions are based on other factors.

    For instance, the most important factor in this case will likely be his ability to regain form and return to health; but there are also other issues such as who we will keep (Sopoaga, Kelly, Armstead), along with drafting/free agency decisions.

    I think that Belichick often makes these decisions when the time comes, so that he is able to weigh in all of the proper variables.
  3. mgteich

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    The team or I would extend Wilfork if he is willing and able to continue as a player. That is nowhere as likely as many think.
  4. Bravo777

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    I can't really tell until the offseason. My immediate reaction would be yes, but that's just my opinion.
  5. old 55

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    Are you projecting that he won't recover enough to resume his NFL career?
  6. 2000army

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    Op... How many threads are you going to start?
  7. mgteich

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    I am NOT projecting. I am simply stating that we tend to ignore the possibility that Wilfork will not be physically able to continue his career.

  8. BelichickFan

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    Who knows but not at his current contract, we'd save $7.5M by moving on. More likely we'll have Jones, Vellano, Armstead and a rookie at DT.
  9. 1960Pats

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    I sure hope Wilfork is here in 2014.

    Will he be here?

  10. Brady_to_Moss

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    i hope so...but who knows :confused:
  11. fumbrunner

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    Impossible to say until he starts rehabbing his injury. That is a tough injury to overcome for any athlete. You throw in his weight, and who knows.

    If he could play, and isn't a shadow of himself, then i would agree that guess will probably be right.

    Way to early to tell at this point.
  12. 1960Pats

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    I think that it scares us to think of him as gone.
  13. mgteich

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    If neither Wilfork nor Kelly come back, I suspect that we would bring back Sopoaga.

  14. Patriot Missile

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    Off the top of my head I can't think of one NFL player of Wilforks size that has come off of this type of injury and been the same player afterwards.
  15. Brady6

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    I think this is it for a while, I got a little thread happy during the bye week. I will be reeling it in.
  16. Brady6

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    I think you're very smart to point this out, most including I assume he will just bounce back but at his age who know and we also have to consider he never has had to rehab from a major injury like this before so who knows how his body will respond.
  17. RayClay

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    Which players of his size had achilles injuries?
  18. PATRlOT

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    Why do you write your reply ABOVE the quote and not below it like every other forum member I've seen (that includes 6+ other forums I visit)

    Just wondering...
  19. MassPats38

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    Have many people been saying that this is likely? It is a tough injury to return from given the nature of his position and his physical size, but it has been done before at an all-pro level and Wilfork is something of a physical freak.

    I would say don't bet against him returning due to that quality, but it wouldn't surprise me if he cannot return.
  20. doesntmatter1

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    I'm torn on this. There is no arguing that Wilfork is a great dt, but our run defense didn't significantly worsen until Mayo went down. And I am enjoying the increased pass rush without him imo. But I did like the Kelly/Wilfork duo which gave us something similar to the Vikings William wall.

    I'm going to have to see how our run d looks by the end of the year before I can even truly guess.

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