Who do you expect to make a good impression in tonight's game?

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    Obviously about all of the expected regular season lineup guys will only be in for a few minutes or less so this brings us to the rookies and unproven players who will grab the spotlight tonight.

    The guys I think will be impressing in the week 1 preseason game will be either Pierre Woods or Garrett Mills - I can see one or both of these guys having a great game.

    Pierre seems to have been improving every day in TC and Mills has to prove the 3 guys that will not be on the field tonight in the TE position will not be missed in this game and that he could play the TE or in the backfield if needed.

    I think both will be impressive and best of the unproven.

    Who do you expect to stand out tonight?
  2. PatsFaninCAN

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    I expect Cassel to continue to show that in the future other teams may take an active interest in him.

    I would like to see Wright and Brown get some reps, while Alexander and Lua play ILB.

    Concerned about the running game. Don't want Maroney carrying a heavy load tonight, we know what Faulk brings, Morris is a vet, Evans is a vet.

    Training camp fodder, get in there!
  3. Remix 6

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    bam and pierre will standout in my mind

    bam will make a case for making the team while woods will show hes more than an ST player or a "backup"
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    I am looking to see what kind of depth we have at CB after Gay, hobbs and James. What does Richardson, Anan, G Williams and the others bring to the dance.

    I am also interested to see where the Pats passrush will come from. Will they send a fourth or fifth guy and if they do, where is that player coming from, OLB, ILB, S CB? Can we get more creative in creating a pass rush?
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    It might sound cheap, but it will be one of the more important battles on the field, but I think Josh Miller will have a very good game and settle some of the talk that he could be possibly replaced. When healthy, he was a veryy good punter especially knocking it within the 20.
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    i would love to see Woods keep improving. And i'll be closely watching the 2ndary.
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    Justin Rogers
  9. DarrylS

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    I would like to think some of the backup lb's Woods, Mays, Alexander and Lua might want to make a good impression.. we really do not know what we have here.. ST players or possible replacements for #54.

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