Which team has won this year's offseason championship?

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    The Patriots obviously were not going to retain the offseason championship they ran away with last year at this time when they traded,signed and dealt to get 3 very solid veterans.

    So which team OVERALL won this years offseason championship?,Since there are no real big names available left for a big trade unless you count Jason Taylor and Chad Johnson both of which I see back with thier team this years dealings are about over.

    I am going to nominate Minnesota as the NFL Champion of the offseason -They got a pretty good WR,drafted well and got an all pro defensive end to cover thier biggest weakness and are probalby at least on paper a favorite in their division because of the moves.

    Cleveland despite having nearly no draft still picked up great talent in FA nad they are my second choice.

    New England apparently had a decent draft but some of the picks at least right now look dissapointing and in Free Agency there were no real great additions so I think the Pats has a middle of the pack offseason
    but who could expect anything like last year so its not a big surprise.

    Who is your vote for team with the NFL Offseason Champion?....
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    Re: Which team has won this years offseason championship?

    The Browns. All those moves in the offseason should at least solidify a division championship.
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    Re: Which team has won this years offseason championship?

    As much as it hurts me to say it, Jests deserve a mention. They do have potential to be the most dissapointing team this season with all the money they spent on free-agents but they also have chance to be vastly improved from last season. I'm hoping all their high priced investments to blow up on their faces. :D
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