What kind of defense would you like to see this year?

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  1. With Mangini as the defensive cordinator, I thought the Pats were very soft, didn't blitz very much and didn't put much pressure on the QB. What I hope Dean Pees employs this year is a much more aggressive defense, almost like Dick Labau's, blitzing the crap out of the QB. Pete Carrol did this in his first year in New England and was very effective at getting turnovers and I hope this type of defense returns to New England. I don't know about you guys but the "bend but don't break" defense is getting boring and might have lost it's effectiveness (see early last season). The secondary is not as good as 2003's unit and 3-4 ends have a harder time getting to the QB because of double teams. So the question is, if you were the defensive cordinatorfor the Pats, what kind of a scheme would you employ?
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    I would love to see pretty much exactly what we saw in the 2 preseason wins. I think the Pats had 9 sacks in those two wins. In those two wins, the Pats pretty much shut down the run, and blitzed the hell out of the passing plays. Have to cut Mangini some slack, He really didn't have the players on the field that Pees will have. The Pats were so decimated with defensive injuries, that once some of the guys came back, you noticed a huge difference. It would have been interesting to have seen if Mangini had a healthy D.
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    Right on. Last year when the leaders went down, Mangini needed to bring his own leadership to the unit, and fill the shaken D with confidence. Unfortunatley, that's not his personality. A critic might say he talks soft, looks soft, and coaches soft, but that would be overly critical; Let's just say he was a cerebral rookie coordinator who got dealt a difficult hand and probably learned alot from his mistakes. Unfortunately the defense was putrid during his leadership crucible. Once Seymour, Bruschi and Vrabel were in position the players ran the scheme and the D turned around. Dean Peas is a fire breather, a curmudgeon and a grandpa to the players, and I think they're going to come up aces for him. Not Romeo, but the next best thing.
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    One that intimidates opposing offenses.
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    A defense that is flexable enough to take away the strengths of the opposing offense and exploit their weaknesses. This will change from week to week. I hope the D is better at generating turnovers than the unit last year.
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    What kind of defense? TIGHT, of course....

    But seriously, from the little we've gotten to see in the preseason, it's already looking a lot more "flexi-Bill" than 2005. I'm looking for the return of Rodney adding "more things you can do" as regards walking up to play the run or dropping back from the safety position. We'll presumeably not be playing second stringers at DB positions, and the guys thrust into the fire last year and the year before (at least the remaining ones) are a year older and wiser, and therefore a little more capable of being in position in the defensive backfield. I trust our middle again, whether it's Vrabel/Seau or Bruschi/Seau or Vrabel/Bruschi, and the front 7, in general, is a great starting unit (ASSUMING health -- we all know we have more of a thin spot at LB now.)

    Assuming health, you can do a lot with this unit. You look to the three or four guys who you can (in good conscience) give freedom to beyond their immediate responsibility, to be the playmakers, and add in the fact that scheme itself can go from 2 defensive linemen to 9 in the box, from blitzhappy to cover 3, all day, plus wrinkles my poor amateur brain can't even think about. Mangini didn't want any part of that, and maybe he was right. You can't set up the fancy stuff when people can't even hold down their own responsibilities. It may have been even worse if he was asking for big pressure packages -- after all, throw a LB or a safety into the blitz, and you're thinner in the defensive BF, no matter how you slice it. Each of those guys by the end of the year struggled just to handle their piece of the action. Imagine that with one less safety, or imagine LBs assigned blitz roles instead of coverage roles.

    But let's get back to this year - we have our read/react/playmaker guys back, and I mean especially Tedy and Rodney. They're smart enough to know that if they're "abandoning" or have discharged their initial responsibility based on the read, they can take calculated gambles. Seymour too, obviously; turn him loose and you could see 8 sacks just from DE. I'd also put Vrabel in that category, but more so paying on the outside.

    But you'll see big sack games where BB has determined that pressure on the QB is the key - that's the thing. He'll dial up a D du jour each Sunday. Pittsburgh can't do that. They're all blitz all the time. Last year NE couldn't do that - they were basically trying NOT to "play outside themselves," and themselves were pretty damn limited by year's end.

    Long story short, we can now "just do more stuff" again, but you'll know about what exactly the Pats are up to on game day and no sooner. If our injury luck holds, you would see a defense you can't predict week to week, unless you and BB see exactly the same things on game tape. That's what made the 03/04 squads some of the best Ds in the league - the flexi-Billity.

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    somehow i see somebody claiming we need to switch to a 4-3 in this thread.
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    After last year I would just be happy with a defense that actually stays healthy and together most of the season and we don't have to go looking for street guys working at a Walmart or somewhere and who are out of the league at the time-we need healthy guys and stability-THAT IS WHAT MAKES A STRONG DEFENSE!
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    I think we need to switch to a 4-3 this season, and prevent as many scores as possible.
    Oh, and Troy Brown at ILB to spell Bruschi's wrist.
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    ahhhhhhhhhh. at lest the troy brown thing could work. that dude can do it all.
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    Defense flexible enough to shutout opponents every week! :D Ahhh, stating the obvious. But the point is, I want to see a defense that can give trouble to many different offenses that we'll face this year. So rather than debating about the merits of the 4-3 or the 3-4, I'd like to see a defnse that is flexible enough to switch so that opponents are never complacent about the looks they'll see.
  12. Box_O_Rocks

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    #1 in scoring defense at the end of the season - I believe that is the way you write up the stingiest defense on opponent's points...bend but don't break is fine by me, this team has enough opportunists to jump salty at the first mistake by an opponent - or don't people think J.P., Noodle, and especially Daunte are prone to the odd mistake?

    Let's consider the schedule:

    Week 1: J.P. Losman - he'll hand the ball over more than once while he's still learning.

    Week 2: Chad Pennington - actually one of the better QBs the Pats will see as far as his decision making, his arm strength and raw O-line will help him to some mistakes.

    Week 3: Jake Plummer - he showed signs of slipping back into his Zona days in the post-season, he'll be only too happy to deliver the rock to the wrong jersey in Gillette.

    Week 4: Carson Palmer - has played NE tough since earning his starter's ticket, this is the big challenge game in the first half.

    Week 5: Daunte Culpepper - It might even be Joey Harrington by this time. He has a long and storied history of putting the ball on the ground, stop the run and force him to throw and scramble and you'll have some fun defensively.

    Week 6: Bye

    Week 7: J.P. will still have a lot to learn (if he's still starting).

    Week 8: Brad Johnson - Ol' Mr. Reliable will play smart and give NE a tough game.

    Week 9: Peyton Manning - will be on a tear, for what's left of his hair, I look for Pees & Co. to develop and molest his mind with a game plan he's not expecting or has never seen.

    Week 10: Patrick Ramsey - poor Noodle will probably be out of it by now.

    Week 11: Brett Favre - All hail Lord Int.!

    Week 12: Rex Grossman - A decent QB who is still fairly raw in my book. Despite working against an opportunistic D in practice, he'll have a surprise waiting for him.

    Week 13: Jon Kitna - made the defense work their tails off as Palmer's back-up, thank God for Mike Martz.

    Week 14: Joey Harrington - perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part, but...

    Week 15: David Carr - needs to hope his O-line gells and they face some 3-4s before meeting NE's.

    Week 16: Byron Leftwhich (sp?) - shouldn't have too many tricks left in his bag by season's end, facing a post-season quality defense at this point will just be too much.
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    Preseason obvious points

    Vince Wilfork has mastered the Ted Washington technique...except he's far younger quicker and well...a very nice surprise

    BB didn't hesitate with Beisel and ASKED Seau to play..turned the phone over to Rodney..and the rest of the country laughs


    Seau inside means Vrabel outside..and Colvin..remember him??
    I keyed on Colvin this preseason

    heh...Colvin had 10 and 1/2 sacks with Bears..he;s fully healthy..and Seymour is coming...I want ONE of you guys to tell me who controls Richard Seymour 1 onRodney and Bru healthy...c'mon
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    I bet he'd do better than Monte Beisel.
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    A good one :p

    In all seriousness, I just want NE to be in the top 5 in scoring D at the end of the year. Whether it is done by blitzing or just rushing 3 and dropping into coverage, I couldn't care less. I would also like to see a few intimidation type hits every game. NE gave up tons of big plays, but what I was just as disturbed by was the fact that they weren't physical at all during thei down time. Even when they improved at the end, I can't recall a single monster hit after the Samuel one on Denver's TE. I suppose Wilson's hit on the backup RB vs. Jax might count since it forced a fumble, but it wasn't a "jump out of your seat and yell aloud" type hit.

    That's what I want: a physical D that lets up few points. How they go about doing it is their prerogative.

    Edited to add that I think we will get just that. Wilfork has looked great since the middle of last year, probably even better over the PS, and we all know what Seymour brings to the table. If those two stay healthy (and DBs/LBs don't drop like flies, of course) than this D is going to be a monster. Do you double both and possibly leave a blitzing LB to come in completely free? (and even without the blitz, do you really want just a RB on Colvin or Vrabel - or even TBC?) If no double team is done, than that gives Big Sey and Vince 1:1 opportunites which they will win most of the time. The truest cliche in football is "it all starts up front," and NE certainly has a head start over most teams in this area.
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    Man, you're really on a rip this morning, huh?
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    I would like to see a defense that adapts every week to successfully limit an opposing team's top 2 favorite options, whether they be plays or players.
  18. JoeSixPat

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    Very little.

    45 minutes of ball control offense and 15 minutes with our defense on the field would suit me just fine.

    People often say that the best offense is a good defense. But it tends to be difficult for another team to score when their offense is only on the field for 20 minutes a game.
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    With all due apologies to Monty Python et al., the D plan for that week should be called Confuse-a-Colt. [For J.P. Losman, we get the economy plan, Bewilder-a-Bill. :D ]
  20. Born_a_Patriot

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    A good one.:rolleyes:

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