What happens to a players contract when they die?

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  1. xmarkd400x

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    Does the remaining money count against the cap?
    Does it get paid out to that person's next of kin (wife, children, etc)?

    I would think that a classy organization would pay the salary to the next of kin. I would also hope that the money doesn't count against the cap.

    Does anyone know of any precident being set for this type of thing?
  2. BelichickFan

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    I assume the any monies paid stay with the person's heirs (meaning not going after unplayed years for already paid bonuses) and the salaries go away. There's no reason to pay the future salaries - that's what life insurance is for; NFL players can afford life insurance.

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    For instance when Sean Taylor died, I'm assuming the remainder of the year was still paid, and in addition to that the Redskins donated $500,000 into a fund for his daughter.
  4. MoLewisrocks

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    Technically it dies with him because it's not guaranteed (although any guaranteed portions of it would still be paid and count). Future salary wouldn't count unless you pay it. That is an organizational decision since they are under to obligation to pay salary under the circumstances much like a player you cut because he can no longer perform. It would appear from this on Miguel's page that we are not paying or being charged with Marquise Hill's 2007 salary, just his remaining bonus amortization from his signing bonus.

    "June 27, 2007 update On June 24, 2007 Mike Reiss blogged that "according to the NFL's player personnel department, the Patriots are currently being charged the unamortized portion of Hill's prior signing bonus, as well as a likely-to-be-earned minimum offseason workout per diem. After he was selected with the final pick of the second round in the 2004 draft, Hill had signed a five-year contract that included a $1.15 million signing bonus. Entering 2007, the unamortized portion of the bonus was $460,000. Hill also had a likely-to-be-earned offseason workout per diem of $6,720 for 2007. So based on those numbers, the Patriots' salary cap charge would come to $466,720. "

    As for the cap consequences, if you paid it it counts. And unless you go after bonus money including that which has been amortized and spread across future cap years (like say signing bonus or bonus convered for cap purposes to signing bonus) and recoup it, it becomes dead cap as if you cut the player and you absorb it the following season.

    When TJ retired he was allowed to keep a roster bonus he had been paid earlier that spring. We didn't have to count his salary because it wasn't paid once he quit, but we did have to count his roster bonus for that season and any other leftover amortized bonus because we didn't require he refund it.

    The money the Redskins contributed to a fund for Taylor's child would not count against the cap. I'm sure Snyder will not go after any remaining amortized bonus in that case because the players would loose it if he did.
  5. Cannon Arm

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    What if Snyder goes after the remaining bonus, but gives every bit back in a fund for Taylor's child, outside of the cap?
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