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    I know that I've posted this in many threads today, but I feel it's one of those things that nobody is really talking about amid all the excitement over winning the AFCCG and a trip to Indy. How incredible was it to see BJGE tap the MHK patch after scoring his TD? I mean, it's the AFCCG and you just scored a touchdown on a team that generally doesn't allow them. And yet you're thinking about MHK at that precise moment. They're playing for their organization and not just themselves.

    In this generation of ME and after watching how locker rooms get divided (think NY Jets), it's just so amazing to see the kind of quality guys the Patriots have in the locker room. It's a group of guys that only think and talk team. And when you watch what Ellis did, you know it's not just talk with these guys in the press conferences and interviews. They live by it, they play by it, and something tells me they might even be willing to die by it.

    Let's not forget how a few years ago (2009), Adalius Thomas and Shawn Springs and a few other malcontents opposed the team first mentality. Remember how they almost destroyed that locker room. BB quickly solved the problem. Remember why guys like Spikes and Cunningham (though ineffective on the field) were drafted . . . they were captains in college. Guys, we have a locker room full of team-first guys. We are lucky that we root for this kind of coach and team. Jets fans everywhere are getting a lesson in why we have been atop the division for so long and why our coach IS better than theirs. I would like to see the results of the poll where Rex got more votes in regards to who do more players want to play for. I'm willing to bet the outcome would be slightly different.;)

    The last part of this article sums it up best:

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