Veteran signings, 2005 vs. 2006

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    It strikes me that one of the biggest differences between last season and this is the productivity of the team's vet signings. Take a look at the major acquisitions (I'm leaving off mid-season street FA signings, players who hit the IR before cuts could be made, multiple Hank Poteat sightings, etc.):

    2005 Free agent signings
    QB Doug Flutie
    WR David Terrell
    CB Chad Scott
    LB Monty Beisel
    WR Tim Dwight
    LB Chad Brown

    2006 Trade acquisitions

    CB Duane Starks
    WR Andre Davis

    Let's face, that is a HORRIBLE group of transactions overall. Out of eight players, only one is still with the team. If you ever wanted proof that BB & SP are fallible, you've got it.

    Now this year:

    2006 Free agent signings
    WR Reche Caldwell
    LB Junior Seau

    2006 Trade acquisitions
    WR Doug Gabriel
    DL Johnathan Sullivan

    Three of those four look like solid moves, with Gabriel potentially a good deal more than that.

    Now if just one of Terrell, Dwight and Davis, one of Beisel and Brown, and one of Scott and Starks had lived up to billing last year, things could have been mighty different. You pay your money and take your chances.
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    The defensive lineman was Johnathan SULLIVAN. Jonathan Smith was the WR/KR from Buffalo.
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    Right-o, slopping cutting-and-pasting. Corrected now, thanks!
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    you want the difference between this year and last?

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    Nice breakdown, boy it hurts to see Beisel, Brown and Starks listed...

    The Pats preference is to build the "middle tier" with young players and unsigned veteran free agents. I think it will always be hit and miss with low end veteran signings. If Harrison, Bruschi and Seymour go down again then I would expect a significant drop-off irregardless of how good Seau plays. In 05 we were hamstrung by the cap but in 06 we had money to add a starting caliber player at LB or at a minimum a very competent backup. BB and SP are always good at combing the waiver wires and resurrecting the dead (<-- alert, corny Halloween reference) but IMO they could reduce the risk of a Beisel / Brown flop by signing higher quality players earlier in free agency.

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    I agree with your point - but you have to add the IR ST'rs to that equation as well.

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    look at it this way bb and pioli run this like a college team, the free agents are seniors and the only keep what they want,the ones they dont want or dont want to overpay they let them go and get comp. picks ,then they build the team via the draft like incomong freshman, they only sign bit role players or vets who want a chance to win as free agents , you cant argue with their record

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