Ubiquitous "What are they Thinking?" Power Rankings Thread

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Gumby, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. Gumby

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    I might as well.

    It Is What It Is » NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 sees Packers in the top spot

    ok Pack, Pats, Eagles, Ravens - whatever order you put them in at this stage - they are all legit.
    Others can play the 'we get no respect card' - I won't go there. #2 is too much on eveyone's radar as it is.

    The rest of the rankings are fairly ok w/ 2 fairly weird anomolies:

    So, a team that barely beats a self-destructing cowpokes should IMPROVE 1 SPOT to TOP 6 from its already NY media inflated ranking space of 7 in front of: DA Bears who had a DOMINANT performance and the Chargers who did much more to WIN their game.
    heck I would even argue that the Texans and Lions showed more than the Jesters. Texans are in place to WIN their Div. Jesters look to me like they wont even be in 2nd place in ours.

    And then the cowpokes - they just threw this game away. How can you leave them at 13 after that??? Answer - if you are going to leave the jesters up in top 10 you have to say they beat a quality team. (NOT).

    ahh well. that is why they are mediots.
  2. Husse

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    I'm thinking you are over-reacting by a wide margin. We just finished week one and power-rankings means nothing.

    I found it funny that Ravens apparently are 12-4 after week 1. Just a typo, but I giggled.
  3. tuckeverlasting

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    well, this is serious, so quit giggling.
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