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  1. Kato

    Kato On the Roster

    #91 Jersey

    Why do I even read this crap anymore. Can this nerd stop with the villification of the Patriots?

    Colts-Patriots tilt shaping as battle of Good vs. Evil

    "The fact that I don't even need to tell you which team represents Good and which stands for Evil says a lot about how low New England has sunk. You knew instantly which was which, didn't you? "

    I would love to see him at the receiving end of a Rodney Harrison hit.
  2. OtisCampbell

    OtisCampbell Practice Squad Player

    I for one don't give a rat's ass about what this moron writes
  3. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    Sad thing is both teams are good and the only real evil in all this lies within the media. For the two teams it's all about winning, while for the mediots it's all about inventive storylines to generate interest in their ratings whoring drivel.
  4. WWJDD

    WWJDD Rookie

    This from an anti-Semite? How rich.
  5. LoveDemPats

    LoveDemPats Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I think that Dungy made some very disparaging remarks against the pats and he is not in the media.
  6. FreakGoDeep

    FreakGoDeep Practice Squad Player

    holy crap....Easterbrook is a complete F'ING ASS!!1

    you wanna say crap about video taping then fine, keep it there.
    but you wanna talk about charity work and bradys private life " public charity appearances are infrequent"

    suck on this you no talent ass.

    do you tihnk brady went to africa to go to the beach.....holy crap what a moron.
  7. taltos

    taltos Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    This stuff could eventually cost ESPN advertising dollars.
  8. Fixit

    Fixit Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract


    Argument for the Indianapolis Colts as paladins who carry the banner of that which is beneficent: Sportsmanship, honesty, modesty, devotion to community, embrace of traditional small-town life, belief in higher power, even love of laughter. The Colts are the defending champions, so they obviously play well on the field. Yet after winning the Super Bowl, they have remained humble and appealing. Through prior years of postseason frustration, they never complained or pointed the finger outside their team. Their players are active in community affairs and don't carp about being assigned to a nonglamorous Farm Belt city with an antiquated stadium. Their coach, Tony Dungy, smiles in public and answers honestly whatever he is asked: He never yells at players or grimaces at bad plays and, when defeated, doesn't act as though it's the end of the world. Although religious, Dungy said on the night he won the Super Bowl that God doesn't care about football games, which shows perspective. The team's star, Peyton Manning, stands for love of family, constantly appearing in public with his brothers, father and mother. Manning is happily married and a major donor to a children's hospital. Manning spends a lot of time at children's camps and events, and he constantly makes fun of himself. Ladies and gentlemen, representing Good, the Indianapolis Colts.

    Argument for the New England Patriots as scoundrels in the service of that which is baleful: Dishonesty, cheating, arrogance, hubris, endless complaining even in success. The Patriots have three Super Bowl rings, but that jewelry is tarnished by their cheating scandal. They run up the score to humiliate opponents -- more on that below -- thus mocking sportsmanship. Their coach snaps and snarls in public, seeming to feel contempt for the American public that has brought him wealth and celebrity. Victory seems to give Bill Belichick no joy, and defeat throws him into fury. Belichick and the rest of the top of the Patriots' organization continue to refuse to answer questions about what was in the cheating tapes -- and generally, you refuse to answer questions if you have something to hide. The team has three Super Bowl triumphs, yet its players regularly whine about not being revered enough. The team's star, Tom Brady, is a smirking sybarite who dates actresses and supermodels but whose public charity appearances are infrequent. That constant smirk on Brady's face reminds one of Dick Cheney; people who smirk are fairly broadcasting the message, "I'm hiding something." The Patriots seem especially creepy at this point because we still don't know whether they have told the full truth about the cheating scandal -- or even whether they really have stopped cheating. They say they have, but their word is not exactly gold at this juncture. Ladies and gentlemen, representing Evil, the New England Patriots.
  9. FreakGoDeep

    FreakGoDeep Practice Squad Player

    i am seriously soooo pissed.

    naw, colts never ran up the score and won by 5 TDs (but they can't anymore)

    no way, the colts never used to beat up on the expansion texans throwup up 40 + on them even in the 4th quarter.

    Man i hope the pats see this cuz it's just more FUEL.

    Peyton never throws his O-line under the bus when they have "protection problems"
    Peyton would never call his kicker a drunk idiot
    The colt fans would never booo when a player is hurt (2006 afccg)
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  10. ctpatsfan77

    ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter

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    And, of course, he blasts Belichick for running up the score while noting the bizarro-world TEN-HOU game--and doesn't manage to connect the dots.
  11. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

    Disable Jersey

    Why do you people bother reading the columns of 'sports journalists' that you can't stand? Even more importantly, why do you pollute the site by linking to them, quoting from them and crying about them?
  12. xmarkd400x

    xmarkd400x 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    WOW. Talk about not getting your EFFING facts straight. Wade Phillips asked for that. I-D-ten-T error.... (idiot)
  13. shmessy

    shmessy Maude Staff Member Supporter

    #75 Jersey

    Hey Easterbrooke, Lee Anne Schreiber = Good.
  14. patsgo

    patsgo Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    why are you posting bullcrap? whats the point, i dont get it, i got a moron down the stret, do you want to quote him??please just ignore the *******
  15. Born_a_Patriot

    Born_a_Patriot Supporter Supporter

    Doesn't Manning have a commercial for Direct TV were he is running up the Score and is about to run a running play no he goes for a pass touch down come on I am killing these guys go watch something else......
  16. AStack75

    AStack75 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Is he fuggin' kidding me?
  17. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    i hate this column.Sure we can avoid reading it but so much is untrue especially about brady's charity appearances.
    Ask jim brown - he says no one has done more for african americans than BB.
  18. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    this is really pissing me off

    "The team's star, Tom Brady, is a smirking sybarite who dates actresses and supermodels but whose public charity appearances are infrequent. That constant smirk on Brady's face reminds one of Dick Cheney; people who smirk are fairly broadcasting the message, "I'm hiding something."
  19. dante828

    dante828 On the Roster

    I really think he has gone insane....seriously. The whole first part of that article sounds like the ramblings of a schizophrenic madmen rather then a serious columnist...more so since he completely lacks any actual factual information to back up anything he says.

    With columns and articles like this...the Patriots are supposed to play nice with the media that completely turned against them....and wasn't really on their side to begin with. Yeah...sure...that makes total sense.

    Also, completely ignores some of the Colts problems.

    This was a reader response to Bill Simmons that I found particularly interesting:

    "No, Dungy has probably never cheated at football. But Belichick has never come out in support of a ban on gay marriage. Belichick has never raised money for and spoken in front of a rabidly anti-gay group that not only opposes gay marriage, but also gay adoption. And Belichick has never said that being against gay marriage means you're on "the Lord's side." What Belichick does is use his position to help Jim Brown's Amer-I-Can group. Dungy a better man than Belichick? Hardly."

    This link:

    will get you to the links page for simmons, and has all the hypertext links to back up the accusations. I am not saying that Dungy is necessarily a bad person, but he has flaws, just like Belichick and most people....Easterbrook needs to check into a mental institution very soon...I am starting to become concerned.
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  20. Kato

    Kato On the Roster

    #91 Jersey

    Then don't reply to the post. If I post "bullcrap," and you don't like it, just move on.

    Does the moron down the stret (sic) say anything quotable? Sometimes morons say the best stuff.
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