This was a great, great game for the Patriots

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by stinkypete, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. stinkypete

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    The Jets more or less matched the Pats today. They moved the ball as well or better, they generated some good pass rush, their defensive backs played out of their minds and they made some big plays on offense.

    What the Patriots proved today is that they can win when they're out of their element. How many talking heads have exclaimed that the Patriots can be beat because their defense is a step slow and they have no reliable running back? So much for that. Maroney was constantly able to generate 3-5 yards on a day where he got the most carries of his career. The defense buckled down in the red zone to come up with several big stops. The special teams made plays when the were needed.

    To sum it up, today the 2007 Patriots won a game like the 2003 Patriots used to. Tough, fundimental and physical. If the Baltimore and Indy games proved that the Patirots had the poise and the endurance to come back from a big deficit in adverse conditions, this game proved that the Patirots can win when their greatest strengths are neutralized.
  2. Pat the Pats Fan

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    Agreed, defense only gave up a field goal. 6 quarters without giving up a TD, and only a total of 3 points.....not to shabby.....

    defense wins championships......

    and Seymour looks like he is getting healthy.......look out playoffs.
  3. GinoCappelletti

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    Absolutely. Personally I was encouraged to see that the Patriots can still win that way. I give Mangini some credit his game plan combined with the terrible conditions certainly did a better job of stopping the Patriots passing attack than anyone else has been able to do this year. But the important thing is that the Patriots defense and special teams managed to carry the load today, and their running game carried the load and helped the Patriots control the game. I do hope this game shuts up the folks who say the Pats are incapable of running the ball.
  4. ClevTrev

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    Good post. I thought the same thing, and the Pats once again morphed into the team they needed to be today to win the game. With Brady sputtering, the defense played great, and it was a huge relief to see Seymour dominate several plays. Thomas looked good, and it was nice to see Wilson play a sound game as well.
  5. PonyExpress

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    I loved this game. Maybe my favorite of the season. Hardhitting, emotional, aggressive defense. A pounding running game. Just what the doctor ordered to get the team prepped for the playoffs. There are only positives to take from this game... wait, the injury to Kyle Brady and Vrabel's gimpy ankle are a concern. But the reemergence of Seymour, AD, Maroney, Wilson warmed my heart.
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