The Pending QB Panic

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by Gator Mike, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. Gator Mike

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    I was watching Mike Mayock last night and he laid out a scenario where multiple teams trade up into the late 1st round to grab a 2nd tier QB.

    The theory goes that all it takes is a Washington or a Minnesota or a Jacksonville to decide that someone like Dalton or Locker or Mallett is their guy. That could push teams in the second round with QB needs to trade up with the likes of Chicago, the Jets, Pitsburgh (...who wants to move down) and Green Bay so that they don't have to deal with BB, who will take calls from half the league regarding the 33rd pick on Friday.

    Interesting theory. On the downside, I have this vision of the Pats taking advantage of the QB panic and trading 28 and 33 for a King's ransom. If the run on QBs happens at the wrong time, that could be out the window.

    On the other hand, if teams are trading into the first round for the likes of Dalton, Locker, Mallett, and Ponder, a lot of really good players could be found later on.

  2. patsfaninpa

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    On the downside? If qb's are involved, teams will overpay us to move up. There is no downside. No sure things at 28 and 33. I'll take the extra picks and hopefully a first next year from some team that needs a qb. 28 is on the table. Teams can trade up there if they don't want to wait until 33.
  3. SamBamsFan

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    In terms of a possible trading frenzy, I believe that it would start with Seattle @ 25. Obviously with Belichek, all of our picks are in play (46 draft day trades, and counting...).

    If we decide our best value is served by trading down there is one other thing to remember. All of these rumored, early selections of QBs are potentially pushing more valuable players back to us at later picks.
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  4. ctpatsfan77

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    That's the thing with BB, though: he might drive a hard bargain, but he doesn't make exorbitant demands, either.
  5. yopats

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  6. mgteich

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    Four now seem likely in the top 20, plus the other 3 in the next 20.

    Yup, Mayock and the other nfl folks now all seem to beleive in the QB panic. One can judge this quarterback class as being unworthy. However, there are 7 quartebacks with 2nd round grades on most boards. Without free agency, there is likely to be even more overdrafting of quarterbacks that is normally the case.

    And this situation is not really similar to 3-4 DE's or WR's. For quarterbacks, a team is likely to ahve a clear preference is will not be content to get whichever quarteback is left for them.

    I see four tiers of the drafting of quartebacks

    1 THROUGH 12 (3)
    Newton and Gabbert are surely gone to someone. Itg seems likely that another will be drafted in the top 12 and a 4th team will trade down into the teens to get their man.

    13 THROUGH 20 (1)
    One of the top 12 teams should have traded down for their QB.

    21 THROUGH 32 (2-3)
    No one will want to go sleep without having solved their quarterback need. Certainly there are trading partners. Seattle will almost certainly either draft a quarteback themselves or trade down to someon who wants one. Obviously, the patriots are willing to trade down. I see th

    33 THROUGH 39 (0-1)
    This is the place for whoever is left.
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