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Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by manxman2601, Dec 13, 2012.

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    The Bowl Game season is approaching so I thought it useful to start a thread where we can highlight prospects taking part in games, discuss performances etc.

    And because I want to highlight one particular game I'm very interested in.

    Thursday, Dec 20th

    Poinsettia Bowl

    BYU v San Diego State.



    Ezekiel Ansah.
    Kyle Van Noy
    Cody Hoffman
    Preston Hadley

    San Diego State:

    Leon McFadden
    Nik Embernante
    Gavin Escobar

    I'm particularly interested in the Hoffman v McFadden face off, how Ziggy looks and watching Kyle Van Noy who, character/effort wise is Patriots through and through.
  2. manxman2601

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    Don't forget this game tonight people. The prospects in this game alone would be an ideal draft class for me.
  3. Get it shawtaay

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    Here's to hoping Belichick's got an Urban Meyer at BYU, and Ansah gets spotted post-game with a blunt in the locker room :cool:
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  5. Sciz

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    All aboard the Kyle Van Noy bandwagon!

    After his second TD of the day, we might need a bigger bandwagon...
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  6. manxman2601

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    Please form an orderly queue behind myself.

    Yet to watch the game, but doing some reading on it, aside from Van Noy, sounds like Embernante and McFadden had good games.

    If this was our draft come April, I'd be very happy:

    Round 1 - Ezekiel Ansah
    Round 2 - Kyle Van Noy
    Round 3 - Leon McFadden
    Round 7a - Cody Hoffman
    Round 7B - Nik Embernante
  7. mayoclinic

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    Very nice. I can't imagine how Hoffman would last to the 7th, but I'd be very, very happy.

    I'd be 100% on board with an Ansah-Van Noy draft. Love it. Add someone like Brian Winters in the 3rd round and a developmental OT late, and all you would need (assuming the major re-signings in the off-season) would be a DB and a WR. I'd be thrilled to address those needs late with guys like Hoffman and Dexter McCoil. I'm still hoping we get a late comp pick or two.
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  9. mayoclinic

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    I have to say, I am in love with the Stanford "LBs", particularly Trent Murphy, who will be a DE in the pros. He's a poor man's JJ Watt. 6'6" 265#, and could easily bulk up to 280-290#. I'm still on the Ziggy train, but if Murphy comes out he could be a great day 2 alternative as a LDE. He's brutal.

    Not much online film available, but consider:

    Trent Murphy #93 Stanford Cardinal, Pick Six Sept 27 2012 - YouTube
    Stanford Cardinal vs UCLA Nov 2012 Trent Murphy - YouTube
    Trent Murphy DE #93 - Stanford - 2011 Highlights - YouTube
  10. Ochmed Jones

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    Chase Thomas is the Stanford defender that pops on film for me. But where do we play him unless we move Mayo to MLB?
  11. mayoclinic

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    I love Thomas, but your question is a good one. I actually think Murphy may be better as a pro, and he projects much more easily. Thomas is more fluid in space, but Murphy is very powerful and explosive, and is just a beast. Put him on the DL and add 15-20# and I think he'd be a stud.
  12. mayoclinic

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  13. stelfans

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    I came out impressed by Hunt, if only he was younger...
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  15. manxman2601

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  16. BritPat

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    Good luck to this year's binky Ryan Nassib and the Syracuse Orange in today's Pinstripe Bowl.

    Tough task against WVU.
  17. manxman2601

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    Iowa State and Tulsa about to go at it. Interested to watch Dexter McCoil.
  18. patsfaninpa

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    A lot of us have wondered why BB tends to shy away from USC players. I think their act this week in El Paso shows why. Indifferent attitude and effort when things didn't go their way. Too good for Sun Bowl. I recall Luck and Stanford playing their a few years ago against OU. Miami and Notre Dame. Just not good enough for USC. Blow off a dinner set up by the bowl committee. Disrespectful bastards. Oh, Ga Tech broke a 7 game bowl losing streak to beat them 21-7. #karma
  19. TFB*

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    I watched some of that game and in their defense, at least for Lee and Woods, its got to be super frustrating to be the most explosive players on that field and not have the opportunity to get the ball in their hands.

    The QB play was preposterous. My sister could have pitched a better game.

    On another note, maybe this allows Woods to fall late into the second where we'll snag him. He could make a difference right away.

    As a side note, Dexter McCoil got burned by play action TD today. Wasnt even close.
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  20. manxman2601

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    I didn't see the whole game but saw him take a couple of really bad angles in the run game too.

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