Seymour after his big contract signing-Now lethargic?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Nov 18, 2006.

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    Is it a coincidence or not that since Richard Seymour got the big bucks he wanted that he has not been his dominating self that he was before the contract extension-HHMMM just about the day he got paid,his performance has steadily gone downhill.. Since he got paid bigger $$$ last year I have not heard his name called for crediting tackles or sacks much each week and seems as if his play is now declining almost as if once he got the guaranteed money he now plays lethargic at times..I know he gets double teamed sometimes but with the improved play of Warren and Wilfork he should still be at least a fragment of a dominating force he once was since WIlfork and Warren can no longer be taken for granted,for the past several games he has been getting his ass sent backwards with the opposing teams o-lines pushing him out of plays like never before,if you watch the games closer,you should see the difference now and what it has been 2+ years ago-IT'S A BIG DIFFERENCE.​
    Maybe getting those 3 rings and now big bucks have taken the fire and spark out if this guy who has more than once been the best DE in football-we are lucky if we hear his name called once or twice in a game anymore and I think his partial pull from the game last week by BB is evident of something wrong with this former all-pro DE who is just playing average so far and he is not old so I can't say is age is a factor..and no,I don't take any injury he has had this year...All of our d-line has played with some type of injury or banged up this year and all NFL players at week 10 who play regularly are beat up somewhat so I don't agree to give excuses there for declining play.​
    Is he just satisfied with what he has accomplished in the past,both in football and his now secured financial future or is it something else that I simply don't see...All I know is I don't know who is playing in that #93 Seymour jersey these days -We need the REAL guy back in and plowing through those offensive linemen like he used to-If not he may be one of the several reasons why we cannot stop teams on 3rd down this year,especially in the 4th quarter where they really count.​
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    No coincidence. Richard $eemore is on of the most overpaid, overrated players in the NFL. Thanks to him, Meion wears a Seahawks' jersey.

    Can he return to his 2001, 2003 and 2004 forms? Yes. Will he? Ahhh...

    I would rather lose $eemore for an extended period, than lose Rodney.
    Slightly OT: If the FO doesn't feel that Mel Mitchell is the future at SS, then it is imperative that the future at SS be drafted, traded for, or signed before TC 2007.

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    Got to agree with you guys. Seymour does seemed to have disappeared as of late. With all that talent up front we should always get a good push and rush the pass. Not sure what the hell is going on. I am also very concerned about future of SS. I love Harrison but we all know he is getting up there in age. I thought Mel Mitchell was just special teams....Is he being considered the replacement for Harrison when he hangs it up??
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    I agree with this statement. I also believe you need to include Mr. Tom "Cool" Brady as well. His play has been extremely inconsistant. Anyone out there that does not agree, think about this...Everbody is excusing his play because he has a new recieving corps. Bulls__t! When he was sent in to replace Bledsoe back in 2002, how comfortable does anyone think he was with that recieving corps. If anything, the recieving corps had to get used to Tom! Yet, he lead the team to its 1st Superbowl championship that year. It wasn't until the 3rd SB championship that he recieved his big payday. Last year was not bad, but this year he looks like a rookie again...That said, no more excuses for Mr. "Cool. His play has stunk compared to previous seasons...

    Someone give me a reason "not" to believe this statement....
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    2001 was different. Tom wasn't asked to do nearly as much as he does now. Back then he was in there to not make mistakes. Now we're looking at him as the leader of the team and for big plays.
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    You know who else got lazy once he got his big payday: Colvin. It seems like the guy took 2 seasons off once he got paid.

    Besides, teams can key on Seymour more now. None of the linebackers are nearly the threats that the LBs were a few years ago.

    Also, maybe I'm imagining things but I feel like most teams have become more careful about protecting the ball and preventing turnovers and the first way to do that is to put more protection on the left side.
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    Colvin had a major Hip injury so thats why he wasnt up to par! His game is blitzing off the edge and he didnt have the speed for 2 years after that injury!

    Seymour is still dominate he gets double teamed all the time and has a injury right now that he is playing through! Seymour would not have signed the extension if he didnt want to be here he would have waited and tested the free agent market where he would have gotten paid!
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    Yeah, he intentionally broke his hip so he could watch cartoons.

    We need to trade Brady and Seymour so we can afford more 5'9" receivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Maybe I'm giving him too much credit, but I read TomBradysGOats's Colvin comment as a funny jab at the original poster for not seeming to be aware that Seymour's been playing injured since the Buffalo game.

    He's been seriously hampered in his ability to reposition olinemen and keep them from reaching his body since the elbow injury. Before that, he was the same Seymour as always -- and the attention he commanded was a big part of the reason why Warren and Wilfork were having the big years they were having.

    If there's anything bad you can say about Sey, it's that he seems to be relatively injury prone.
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    I would add to that he's not exactly a company man. He's the first to criticize coaching openly - did the same thing last season. He introduced us all (including Deion) to the concept of holding out. I think Lawyer was a tremendous influence on his early development as a football player and as a business man in the football business. As he has become more comfortable and vocal, he's also become more outspoken (by Patriot standards that is). I think that along with questions about his durability and a relatively thin skinned nature where criticism or treatment is concerned, is why his big deal got done - but for only 3 years. ;)
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    You know, in all the general stupidity I had forgotten that. Thanks. Apparently even Millionaires can't afford bionic elbows.

    Is there a player who wouldn't be prone to injury when his arm is landed on and bent the wrong way at the elbow?:confused:
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  12. Pat_Nasty

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    Probably not. In fact, all of Sey's injuries have the appearance of being freak accidents. Still, when taken in total, he's only played a full season in 1 of his 6 seasons so far.

    His rookie year, he missed 2 games w/ a leg injury. In 2003, he missed another game w/ a thigh injury. In '04, he missed all of the postseason save the superbowl with a knee injury, and I'm sure we all remember how much we missed him last season, when he missed 5 games, and was limited in a few others.

    I wouldn't say that his injury history is serious concern, but it is a little troublesome. Maybe we need to get the guy Judo classes or something, teach him how to protect himself better when he falls. I dunno.
  13. RayClay

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    I think he's had some stretched ligaments he could have played with. Seems they thought they'd risk sitting him during the season if they had him for playoff time.

    He's valuable enough they want to save those knees as long as they can.

    Team decision IMO.

    Also he's tall and taking on double teams all the time. Spends a lot of his life as a stretched out target, I guess.
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    Question: How do you know Seymour is not playing as he did in the past? In reading your posts you have determined that if we don't hear his name being called, he's not performing. Therefore, it must be because of the "big bucks". When he was dominant, I don't remember his name being called out, nor did he get much in the way of stats (tackles, sacks, etc). Due to the theme he played in, he did not get the stats but was dominant according to BB. I'll hold off any criticism of him until others (X and O posters) have weighed in on his performance.
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    * Kinda took the words out of my mouth. I'd like to hear about the film study done to determine how Seymour is or isn't playing as well. He has an elbow injury that required a brace on it and a leg injury. DL's, even moreso in a 2 gap system, are very dependant on the use of thier hands and arms to fend off blockers. I would suspect it hampers his ability to make plays and use his hands/arms as well. Opposing teams key on him with 2 blockers on virtually every play. There's a number of Patriots players a case can be nade that they aren't making plays like Patriots fans have become accustomed to. I guess it's easier to go after the higher paid ones.

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