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Save My Team !!

Discussion in 'Other Sports Forum' started by PaulThePat, May 13, 2009.

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    Other than the Pats my other sporting love is football (soccer) and in particular my local team Stirling Albion. The team is currently up for sale and unless the fans come together to buy out the owner there is a serious risk my team will die. Please help me save it. For full details go to Buy Stirling Albion FC - Homepage

    We have established a presence on two of the internet's biggest social network sites. We would be delighted for you and as many of your friends, family and colleagues as possible to join us.

    On Facebook we have an official campaign group with currently over 170 members as well as a page for all Supporters Trust news:

    Campaign - Buy Stirling Albion | Facebook
    Trust - Stirling Albion Supporters' Trust | Facebook

    A Twitter account has also been created to give you all the latest news as it happens straight from the campaign team. Follow Buysafc at Buy Stirling Albion (buysafc) on Twitter

    You will also find us on Bebo at Buy Stirling Albion Bebo and MySpace at Buy Stirling Albion At Myspace

    Please join us in the fight to save our team.

    The Campaign Team - BuyStirlingAlbion
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