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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by DaBruinz, Jan 11, 2011.

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    The other thread about the players making the claim that the 18 game schedule is the biggest stumblin block caused me to think outside the box a bit. And I came up with, what I believe to be, a very good idea. And I bet neither the owners nor the players would like it.

    For the new salary cap, the TV revenue is divided equally to all 32 teams. 90% of that split is set aside for player salaries. 10% to the owners. That 90% is the ONLY money teams can spend on signing players, including for their signing bonuses. You are not allowed to use any other revenue to pay players. Including any LTBE and ULTBE bonuses. A rookie cap of 12.5% of the salary cap

    Teams would get to keep all the revenue from the parking lots, tickets, food, etc to pay their bills and such, but couldn't use that money to pay player salaries. Poorer Revenue teams wouldn't be able to claim they didn't have the "Cash over Cap" money that wealthier teams did.

    This way the owners share of the revenue goes up as the TV revenue goes up.. But so does the total money the players get.

    You have a lower cap of 85% of that Revenue split. Anything remaining of that money goes back into the pot the following season and is split amongst the teams.

    I believe that a use it or lose it attitude needs to be taken with teams like Buffalo, Tampa and Jacksonville who regularly seem to be towards the bottom of the payroll scales.

    The NFLPA is responsible for setting up the health care plan for retirees. All players with 1 accrued season or who were forced to retired due to a football injury would be eligible.

    It's about time the players take responsibility for their own. As a union should do. The fact that they have neglected the players who paved the way for them is disgusting. And Gene Upshaw was the biggest culprit in this.

    Stay with a 2+18 game schedule.
    Regular rosters expand to 60.
    Practice squad expands to 10.
    Game day roster expands to 52 + emergency QB
    Training camp roster expands to 95.
    The Injured Reserve reverts back to the pre-mid 80's rule. You only go on season ending IR if you are IRed during pre-season. During the season, you are on it for a minimum of 4 games.

    With the cap being limited by how much they can actually spend, teams won't be able to hide players like some fear. Also, the increased number of roster spaces and the 4 game IR should help off-set some of the injury concerns. It won't eliminate them, but the reduced number of reps by having more active players should help reduce the number of injuries...

    Another thing that I think the players should insist upon is that the league allow other helmet vendors to submit their helmets for use. There are 2 other helmet companies out there that make helmets that are as good or BETTER than the Ridell helmets in terms of preventing concussions. To me, that would be a sure sign that the league truly cares about the players. Having an exclusive vendor that provides an inferior product doesn't help the players.
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    I'm too tired to really understand any of this but I approve
  3. brady199

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    Some Good Ideas, but under no circumstances do I want an 18 game season.
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