Rules for trading a Franchised Player

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    First of all, I'm not talking about this season.

    Does the player have to SIGN the franchise tender before it's legal for the team to trade him?

    I just read that Corey Simon was released by Philadelphia a couple years ago because he wouldn't sign a franchise tender. Without the player's signing, does the team "own" nothing to trade? Philly chose to release him rather than having him sit out until Week 10? Couldn't Philly have let him sit till Week 10 then franchised him again the following year, hoping to trade him? They released him out of goodwill and not wanting a bad rep among players?

    Just wondering all this in case it's advantageous to sign & trade A$$ante next March.
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    You can't trade a player that isn't under contract to you. For example, the Doofins had to sign Welker to a contract before they could consummate the unbalanced* trade to the Pats.

    *Unbalanced in the Pats' favor, of course. :D
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    Jets and John Abraham

    Thsi happened last year when the Jets traded franchised player John Abraham to the Falcons almost immediately after they signed him to 1 year tender
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    Philly couldn't get an immediate trade partner and simply didn't want the continuing distraction. They could have held onto Simon and hoped he'd sign by week 10. Remember that they were coming off the SB appearance and were already dealing with Terrell Owens and probably wanted to keep the team from getting completely out of control. In retrospect it looks like they foresaw his coming decline.

    The franchise player needs to sign a contract before being traded. My recollection from Tebucky Jones is that there were special rules about this, and that to make it all work the tender signing and the trade and renegotiation with the new team all needed to happen on the same day. Don't recall the exact details or know whether it's still the same way now.
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    If Im not mistaken I believe you can trade the RIGHTS to a player that you do not have under contract, but have rights to, ie an unsigned draft pick, or a tagged player. Problem is that the other team takes a big risk in trading for someone they may not be able ot sign.
    In the case of a tagged player, since they can only play under the tag after the signing period is over, I would assume the team trading for them would make signing the tender before completing the deal a stipulation.
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    From the CBA:
    "Section 8. No Assignment: No Club may assign or otherwise transfer to any other Club the exclusive negotiating rights or any Right of First Refusal it may have for any Franchise Player, nor any Right of First Refusal it may have for any Transition Player, nor any designation rights it may have."

    So a player has to sign the franchise tender first before being traded.

    For a copy of the section relating to franchise players

  7. Vern

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    And also, for all but Exclusive Franchise tag players, they are technically Unrestricted Free Agents. In legal terms, the Franchise is more of a TEAM designation, than a player designation. All it does is give the team compensation if the tagged player is signed by someone else.

    Now, we all know in practice this means no one signs that player, etc. but still, it's worded so that the player is unaffected and can go sign with anyone they want - just the team gets something in return (picks) if he does.

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