Presuming Givens is signing today, our WR situation

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by stinkypete, Mar 12, 2006.

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    If Givens does re-up in New England, we still have only 3 receivers under contract (Branch, Givens and Bethel) with Bethel facing tough odds to make the '06 team.

    I'd like to have Dwight back, and I think he'll be interested in returning. I also expect Troy to come back for one more year near the veteran minimum. This leaves us, in my mind, without a #3 wideout.

    How would we address this? Free agency is an option, and someone like Brian Finneran would make a fine #3 receiver here. I would, though, prefer to use our free agent money to bring back our own free agents or to tie up Branch and/or Seymour. There's also the draft, where Mike Haas or Jason Avant could be had for a 3rd round pick. Both will be fine players, though you can't expect a rookie wideout to contribute much.

    I assume that, if Givens is signed, Moulds is not an option.
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    I think this is a little premature - he is rumored to :bricks: be visting the Texans today...

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