Peyton Manning 2008 - Tom Brady 2009 - Through 5 games

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    After looking at these stats you might want to sit back a bit and relax,not saying it will turn out as well for Brady as it did for the reigning MVP in 2008 Peyton Manning but it COULD - So lets relax and stop the Brady sucks remarks after seeing these stats which are really quite similar at this point of the Colts 2008 Season with Manning off to a slow start and the 2009 season with Brady doing similar.

    2008 league MVP Peyton Manning after 5 weeks of play

    Colts Record 3-2

    Manning's passer rating on average of the 5 games - 62.3%

    Manning 8 TDs - 5 INTs

    Manning was 115 Passes completed out of 182 attempts - Which equals 67 incomplete passes

    Manning passed for 1,302 yards or 260.2 yards per game average

    2009 Tom Brady after 5 weeks of play

    Patriots Record 3-2

    Brady's passer rating on average of the 5 games - 61.2%

    Brady 6 TDs - 2 INTs

    Brady was 127 Passes completed out of 207 attempts - Which equals 80 incomplete passes

    Brady passed for 1,344 yards or 266.4 yards per game average

    So in comparison to the 2 star QBs you can see some stats that are eerily similar between Peyton's 2008 MVP season and Brady's start to the 2009 season in fact going by this Brady has more yards passing and a lower INT rate than Manning after 5 games between these two seasons.

    Like I said,it will take quite an effort for Brady to do what Peyton did in his turnaround last season but if any QB can do it,Its Brady

    Most Colts fan were not throwing Manning under the bus after 5 weeks...why should we do it with Brady? - We do know Brady is better, right? :)
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  2. mfaith

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    I'm not in panic mode yet, but I'm not prepared to relax either. :)
  3. Shrekk

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    I really dont think you can compare these two and say brady will be on mannings 08 pace, there are so many other factors, the team around each QB, the schedule, etc.
    the colts won their last 8 games, in 08 i do not see that for the patriots especially during that november gauntlet.
  4. Rob0729

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    But the Pats can still win 9-10 of their last 11 games. The Pats may not have 8 games in a row against very winnable opponents, but the Pats have 8 games against mediocre to average (at best) teams left. Also the Colts were 4-3 after seven games. The Pats should be 5-2. The Pats still have the Titans, Bucs, Bills, Panthers, Jags, Dolphins (twice), and Texans on their schedule. Plus the Pats' defense has been playing better than the Colts defense was during Manning's struggles. And don't forget the Pats had their toughest gauntlet already with a four game stretch of good teams.
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  5. SoCalPatsfan90

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    No you can't make a direct comparison. BUT, this is pointing out how absurdly crazy people are to be throwing in the towel already.

    Thanks for the post Patsfaninpa
  6. AndyJohnson

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    Surprisingly (given what each team has delivered) Colts fans are better and more understanding of a bad game, week, month than Pats fans.

    The interesting thing is that there was no apparent evidence that Manning was going to get it straightened out either. Really a very eerie similarity.

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    Colts had a brutal schedule too last year. Ours is not SO bad here on out, I see 2 very tough games (though it could only be 1 if NO falls off) and the rest are good/mediocre teams or worse. Once Brady is back in form, I think we are favorites in each game assuming the defense does not regress from their 14-17 ppg performance thus far. And no reason to think it would especially with Mayo back and BB's history here.
  8. Simkin

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    Yes, I agree, but if he had have the same luck that the Colts = 5-0
  9. BionicPatriot

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    Hopefully he'll turn the corner. This team will be scary good when he's back to his normal throwing ways.
  10. ALP

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    owww, im still amazed at how close these stats are week after bodes well for Brady, and hence the pats
  11. BPF

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    I'm extremely confident Brady will be Brady before it's all said and done. Brady's passer rating is 85.9, where you said passer rating you meant completion %.


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    No,Actually I did a division by 5 of the weekly QB ratings Brady has been given so far and it came out to that number - could be nearly same as to completion percentage.
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  13. PatsFanSince74

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    thanks to the OP for the data and the insight. it's kind of amazing actually.

    Once again, we get information on this board that the guys who get paid to develop this at the Globe and the Horrald are too lazy or uncreative to develop themselves...

    thanks again
  14. tedy hagler

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    That is what I have been yelling at ESPN. Thanks for the research.
  15. Raymond

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    Ummmm, no you didn't.

    Tom Brady Profile - New England Patriots - ESPN
  16. mgteich

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    The 2 Miami games have the jets, colts and the saints in-between.

  17. workhorse

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    One reason I think Colts fans were more forgiving was Peyton first practice was in the pre-game of the 1st game. Because of the infection and surgeries, Peyton missed all of training came and all of the preseason. So much of the Colts offense relies on timing and precision, that not making a single throw prior to game one was a HUGE issue. If you look at when Peyton's numbers started to straighten out, it matches up time wise to the amount of time training camp and preseason would have taken. I think most Colts fans were hold out hope that once he got some practice time under his belt, things would start clicking.
  18. TriplecHamp

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    I can tell you right now Manning didnt miss many TD passes, nor did they have the redzone problems this team has had.
  19. ausbacker

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    The comparison doesn't mean a singular thing. All it means is that Brady and Manning had similar types of starts to their seasons.

    We're trying to justify in our own minds Brady's relatively poor start to this season, as it's un-Brady-like. He was never coming back the 2007 Brady.

    I don't read anything into it at all.
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  20. IcyPatriot

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    Comparing Brady to anything right now is not fair. We still don't even know how damaged Brady's shoulder is right now. For all we know he's playing with a bad shoulder from the Skins game. Rust is one thing but there are times he is clearly horrible ... I think he's playing hurt.
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