Pete Carroll: Will 3rd Time Be a Charm?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by tombonneau, Dec 23, 2005.

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    Let's assume USC wins their 3rd in a row. Yeah, as Pats fans, fans who have seen Pete the Poodle operate on the NFL level, we know he is ideally suited for the college game. Even more so a college team in SoCal.

    But some owner out there is going to be a stupid enough to make Petey an offer he can't refuse. Its inevitable. I mean, the NFL is desperate for head coaches. If rumors are to be believed, Haslett will get fired by the Saints and actually still be a legit coaching prospect for the Bills. So someone is going to back up the Brinks truck for Carroll.

    And as much as Carroll loves USC and is set for life, and as much money as USC can give him, any and every coach is not without ego, and he is going to want to prove himself on the NFL level.

    My question is, do you think he'll be successful in his third go-round?

    I still dont' think he has what it takes on the NFL level. He'd have to step into a gig like the Chiefs or a similiar mediocre-to-good team who loses their coach. (Rams?)

    I just can't see him taking over the Saints or Texans or similar turd factory and turn it around.

    (I personally think that the Saints are going to pack it up and move to LA and they will hire Carroll to coach the team. Heck, they might even be in a position to draft Linehart.)

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