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    Is it just my imagination or does it seem that our RBs get more negative yardage than most teams?

    It seems to me to be the case and especially for Cory Dillon when a penetrating defender gets into the backfield.

    One of the reasons for shooting the gap, is that we play almost exclusively a one back offense.

    There sis nothing better for stopping the penetrating defender than a point of attack counter. That means a FULLBACK!

    If CD and LM can avoid the negative plays by having someone to take on the penetrator or allow them to cut off of the pickup in the hole, the Running game would be a lot more efficient and consistent.

    Against the Texans, I think Dillon got tackled for substantial losses before he got started three four or more yards deep in the backfield. he might have had 20 yards of losses to negate about eighty yards of rushing. Put a FB in the equation and those negative drive killing runs don't happen for two reasons:

    a) the FB levels the penetrator
    b) a defense using a negated penetrator leaves a pretty big hole to be exploited by a RB.
    c) the Defenses lose the benefit and stop run blitzing

    This is especially true with a power back like Dillon if the penetrator is negated.

    In short the defenses' will stop gambling with the run blitzes. Earlier Heath
    Evans wasn't much of a blocking FB, and Mills is on IR, but Evans has improved as a blocker, IMO.

    What say you?

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