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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by Ian, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. chris-in-oz

    chris-in-oz Rookie

    Live in Melbourne, Australia.
    My son is a Patriots fan.
    I know nothing about NFL, but that should change in November when we fly to Boston to watch a game.
  2. cara murphy

    cara murphy Rookie

    not a season ticket holder
    be a patriots fan since last year
  3. Revis24Island

    Revis24Island Rookie

    From London England!
    Been a Pats fan since 2005 (Super Bowl against the Eagles)
    Not a season ticket holder for obvious reasons haha!

    Already a member of the UKPatriots but would like to talk to fans the world over :)
  4. NE-VT

    NE-VT Rookie

    Grew up in Central Mass but now I live in Burlington VT.
    I have been a Pats fan since 1997.
    Also not a season ticket holder.
  5. Saint Pat

    Saint Pat Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Currently attending Harvard. Have been a fan since the 2006 - 2007 divisional playoffs game in which the pats beat the overrated chargers . I remember Rodney Harrison and other players, to the chagrin of LaDainian Tomlinson (single season TD record holder for RB), celebrating on mid-field after Nate Kaeding missed the game tying field goal. I remember the disappointing loss to the Colts a week later in which Kevin Faulk was stopped on fourth down (forth and fail) and Brady's receivers dropped passes like bona fide scrubs. I remember the excitement of the perfect season, and I remember how much it hurt to lose to the Giants. Basically I have been a Patriots fan for the last 8 years through the thick and thin. I live to see TFB and Belichick win another super bowl.
  6. trailman62

    trailman62 Rookie

    long time lurker. originally raiders fan:eek: following the footsteps of dear old dad.That was back in the mid seventies. struck out on my own early 80's been i pats fan ever since:D. residing in maine.
  7. SportSyTb

    SportSyTb Rookie

    Now live in Los Angeles New fan
  8. Dodie

    Dodie Practice Squad Player

    Live in the Philippines
    Been following Pats since 96!
  9. Crimson_Patriot

    Crimson_Patriot On the Roster

    From South Carolina.
    Been a Patriots fan since 2009.

    My story goes like this: I never was a football fan until 2007. My cousin finally got me into it after me and him were playing his game, NFL Blitz 2003, for the PS2. He's a Carolina Panthers fan. One day, I decided to borrow the game from him. Irony comes not long after I borrow it when I played a game as the St.Louis Rams and went against New England....and beat them. I almost became a Rams fan all because how good they were in the game (back then I thought they were still a good team after that). But throughout the rest of 2007 until the beginning of the NFL season in 2009, I learned what football was and chose New England as my team because they had a more interesting history. I'm proud to be a Patriots fan and proud to be apart of this forum community.
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  10. mike.t

    mike.t Rookie

    New guy from CA. Been a pats fan for about 5 years.
    Hey man
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  11. kilgore

    kilgore Rookie

    My name is Michael or, screen name kilgore -- named after the Vonnegut character. Live in SOuth SHore and am a graduate of Emerson College. Work as a writer, covering healthcare, politics, media etc... in my early 30s. Single.

    Anyway, can't afford season tickets, but prefer NFL redzone-style television viewing. Love the PAtriots, and especially discussing defensive schemes and strategy. The regular Pats media on radio and TV basically just talks about Brady his weapons, or lack of them, and the coach. I like to get into sub packages and so on. I found this place when I could not find quality discussion elsewhere. Here, there was a thread on defense and it answered questions about the Pats 4-3 scheme that I could not find elsewhere . In fact, it is hard to even find a good depth chart of the Pats sub packages -- does Harmon play in the dime? When does Tavon play (he gets a few snaps on passing downs)?

    Anyway, that is why I am here -- you guys know this stuff and discuss it!

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  12. GregA

    GregA Rookie

    hello all..

    Just moved back to mass... Non season holder but plan to be one day... Been a pats fan since I was 5 years old. Nice to meet everyone
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  13. neckroll#14

    neckroll#14 Rookie

    Greetings! I'm from the north shore of MA, been a fan since the seventies (seen some lean years!). I have lurked on this site for years and decided to register this week
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  14. MitchKumstein

    MitchKumstein On the Roster

    Hello all,

    Pats fan since the Steve Grogan days. Living in southeastern Mass, I joined this board a while ago but up to now have only lurked. I've been posting on other sports message boards for years but finally decided to start posting here during the Patriots Super Bowl IV run.

    I'm not a season ticket holder but I'm on the waiting list and use the Ticket Exchange to attend 1 - 3 games per season
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  15. NoelGallagher

    NoelGallagher Rookie

    Hi everyone!
    Live in Moscow. Pats fan from 2011. Actually been reading the forum since then, but took a long time to register.
    Been to two games: one at Foxboro against Miami and one in London against Rams.
    Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year to all the Patsfans all around the world!
  16. wadda4u

    wadda4u Rookie

    From newcastle in the UK, currently living in London. Been a Pats fans since 2006. Got more interested in NFL over that last few years and have been to all the games in London over the last 3 years. Coming over to Boston in early Jan and hope to get tickets to the game
  17. mihap

    mihap On the Roster

    from and live in slovenia
    hope that i ll be someday season ticket holder
    fan since 2006 when our tv broadcast first NFL game
    almost everyday reading something about patriots, since 2011
  18. HawaiianPatsfan

    HawaiianPatsfan Practice Squad Player

    Hey Everyone. After a few mishaps getting my account created Im finally able to reply and create post.

    My name is Andrew, I'm 23, and currently live in Hawaii of all places. I grew up a Patriots fan seeing my mother is from the Boston area, and can remember being a fan as long as I can remember. Living out in Hawaii, you rarely find other pats fans so here I am to join community where I can actually Discuss all things Patriots. For years now, Ive been roaming around other patriots websites giving my opinions on all matters Patriots. When I discovered the Forum, I couldn't believe what I had been missing out on. Im very active in the draft scouting and team building subjects, and I think some of you will really like what I have to bring to the table. I look forward to the future with this community :)
  19. nicepace

    nicepace Rookie

    Grew up in Boston, live on Cape Cod now. Patriots fan since 1960, from their very first season. I was a little girl and my big brother wanted someone to follow the team with. I remember listening to many of the games on the radio that first season. I remember Gino Cappelletti as a player, I remember Jim Nance, and Babe Parilli, and Larry Garron. In the '70s and '80s I watched most of their games. I thought Steve Grogan was a great quarterback (and still do! although obviously that guy we have now is better). I have been a Boston sports fan my whole life, and saw many championships by the Boston Celtics, but the greatest moment of my life as a sports fan is the Patriots' first Superbowl victory. I am so excited that we are headed back to the big game! I often read this board but this is my first post.
  20. Chowderhead

    Chowderhead Rookie

    Live in Vancouver, BC
    Pats fan for as long as I can remember.
    First game I attended in person was 1985 AFC Championship game in Miami.
    I’m watching the Super Bowl at G Sports Bar on Granville and Davie. No cover and they have a US feed, so we get the new commercials. If you’re in Vancouver, let me know if you want to join us.
    Shawn aka (Chowderhead)

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