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    Before I begin, I would like to thank all the players that have contributed to the success and the championships. Those were great teams and great times.
    Those teams were defined by their consistent and professional aproach to the game. The players on those teams, though rightfully confident, seemed to understand that they were not always the best athletes on the field. They won by being humble, preparing extra hard and executing better than their opponent. Being smarter and tougher was not only a catch phrase but a philosophy that the whole team bought into. This current team does not have that attitude. This current team is under the impression that it is stocked full of superstars who can physically outperform everyone on the field, even after being proven wrong time and time again. The coaches also seem to feel that they have a pro bowl roster at their disposal and insist on calling on these players to perform beyond their abilities. This new "c*ckiness" is producing a team that is self assured of victory before the game even begins. I am not suggesting that the players should not be confident, but there is a difference between confident and c*cky.
    I am not saying that the sky is falling. I don't want Tom Brady benched. My point is that this team has gotten so far away from what fundamentally made it so successful that victory over lesser teams is no longer a sure thing. I hoped last year was an anomaly, but it seems to be a disturbing trend.
    If the superstar mentallity is what the coaches are going to profess going ahead, then the FO needs to adjust its policy and bring in the correct type of personnel. If not, it will not be easy to remove the air of invincibillity from that locker room. Players will have to be cut. Tough calls will have to be made, all in the interest of winning championships. I do not want to return to the days when losing to a mediocre Jets team was acceptable.
    This team needs a change from top to bottom to return to championship form.
    Lets hope those in charge realize this sooner rather than later.

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