Past Stats say Pats win this sunday and cover the spread in a high scoring game

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Sep 15, 2006.

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    Checked on past 2 years stats and the Pats are 6-2 on the OVER during September and are 5-1-2 ATS in Sept as well...If that holds up and since we did not cover last week it looks like we are due for a high scoring game with the Patriots winning and covering the number..Still going with my prediction of 23-14 ...we will see...
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    I wouldn't classify 23-14 as high scoring. The average NFL team scored 20.6 pts last year so a game with 37 total points would be considered 'low' scoring....
    Just my $0.02,
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    I hope you're right. I've got some action on the following games this week:

    New Orleans (-2.5) over Greenbay
    NY Giants (+3) over Philly
    Baltimore (-12) over Oakland
    New England (-6) over NY Jets
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    Like all the Mutual Funds caveats say..."Past performance is no indication of future performance."

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