OT: RIP E. Holmes: Steel Curtain.

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by scout, Jan 18, 2008.

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    I was a part-time Steeler fan because of that Steel curtain. That was some great football that they played definsively and fun to watch. I still have that picture of the Steelers ... though not so true anymore due to those guys.
  3. Ernie Holmes was a hell of a player. The 6-foot-3, 260 pound defensive tackle was drafted by Pittsburgh in the eighth round of the 1971 NFL Draft out of Texas Southern. The same school that produced the likes of Michael Strahan, Winston Hill, Homer Jones, Ken Burrough, Warren Wells, Julius Adams, Leroy Mitchell, W.K. Hicks, Charley Frazier and Willie Ellison.

    It's too bad "Fats" only gave us seven years and his last year he played only three games with your beloved Patriots. It's crazy how he made the NFL All-Pro team twice, but was never selected to play in the Pro Bowl. RIP Fats, you will be missed.
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    Ahhh where does the time go...RIP Ernie...remember the arrow on his head?The Steel Curtain years were fun and they were a helluva team - loved Lambert (on quaterbacks.."they oughta make them wear a dress:>". Sometimes they reminded me of the Pats in that they could go toe to toe with the Raiders but no in such a dirty fashion...

    Just reading about the 76 team (Art Rooney's favorite Steeler team) in the last 9 games they gave up one touchdown...5 shutouts??amazing...
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    The arrow is why I remembered him.
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    Former Patriot...played part of 1978 with Patriots.

    Bob G
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