OT: Cowboys Tony Romo to sign 6 year extension 67.5M - 31M Guaranteed - WTF?

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    An NFL Source close to the team states this ridiculous contract to Romo to be signed by midweek

    Romo is good,but Manning money at 6 years - 67.5 Million and a 31 Million guarantee?

    Jerry Jones has lots of money to take a chance I guess
  2. RobAllan

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    Absolutely the right choice. He's the best QB not named Brady or Manning right now. I think the Browns should be in a hurry to re-do Anderson as well as I think his contract is up. This is a QB driven league more than ever, and they're in REALLY short supply. And the guys that have been coming up recently haven't been that good. We haven't had a QB rich draft in a long time. (ie Elway/Montana/Kelley type draft) I know it's supposedly too soon to tell for some guys, but alot of the young guys have bust written all over them.
  3. Sean Pa Patriot

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    I am no means a president of the Tony Romo fan club, I do think he is pretty overated and will have a huge fall ... I do think the QB market is very week there are only about 5- 9 solid QB's

    Brady /Manning - a level all by themselves

    Rivers - though questionable
    Anderson from Cleveland is starting to impress
    and Bulger

    The rest of the Qb market is very weak at best..
  4. RayClay

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    I'm no Romo fan, but he's a legitimate starter and all legitimate starters get that kind of dough. There aren't that many.

    Plus it's an NFL contract so who knows what they're committed to ?
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