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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Box_O_Rocks, Jun 3, 2007.

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    I asked Rick about the whole "1-year run" thing and this was his response:

    "There was a definitive change in philosophy this year. A Randy Moss doesn't fit the profile of the players the Patriots have been bringing in. Neither does Brandon Meriweather. He was off some NFL draft boards in April. I saw the salary cap dismantle the Cowboys and 49ers in the 1990s and it's working the same way with the Patriots in the 2000s. Ask Tom Brady, who watched David Patten, David Givens and Deion Branch all leave in a period of two offseasons. Pioli has done a better job combating the attrition than most with some good drafts. We'll just agree to disagree on this one."
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    For the 2005 season we were injury riddled and the team did it's best to put band aids on those injuries. Yet, we won a playoff game and blew it in Denver.

    Last year, with the losses in the WR corps and again injuries to the DB's, we were one stop on D or one play on O to making back to the SB. So, we haven't been declining.

    We should be a SB contender again this year. That's all we can ask for as fans.
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    The one year run comment is just foolishly wrong. The Patriots trade two 2007 draft picks for 2008 draft picks because they're trying to win it all now? :confused: And then he attempts to justify this comment by comparing the Patriots the salary cap situation to the Cowboys and 49ers blowups? :confused: At least the Randy Moss and Brandon Meriweather comments have a shred of truth in them even if they ignore that the Patriots have, indeed, had troubled players on their team before.
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    This is weak. How you blame not winning a superbowl based on losing Corey Dillon? Or Lawyer Milloy? We won two in a row after he left.

    We have lost no more players than many NFL teams, and less than some.
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    I don't get his inclusion of Meriweather in the list of players added for this mythical one year run. Why would a rookie, in a position of need, with the potential to start from day one be an addition for a one year run only?
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    Everybody always discusses the players New England has lost. Nobody ever discusses the coaches they have lost. The biggest difference between 2005/2006 and this season is the stability at the two coordinator positions. Belichick no longer has to coach the coaches. Dean Pees and Josh McDaniels are the real key to the coming season, not Randy Moss.
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    While I may agree with most of his rankings :D this is not the best of Rich Gosselin. I thought he was one of few who knew better. We've been hurt by attrition, but we've been hurt more by injuries - including those to some aging core players. Yet we finish near the top of the league year after year. Half of the attrition he laments was cut because their cost exceeded production, as the teams they moved on to found out. He names 3 FA additions, 2 of whom are signed for 5-6 years to reasonable contracts that will not break the bank. 3 more were signed to prove it contracts that are also very affordable this season and cause no trouble going forward whether we continue the relationships or not (unlike the mistake Jones made in Dallas that is likely to rear it's ugly head in the second half of this season). The only thing that gets you in cap trouble is overpaying for talent - coupled with overpaying for lack of talent.

    And after looking into Meriweather's situation, if what he did dropped players off of draft boards they could cut the draft to 1 day.
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    * I don't think I've yet seen a media guy, when doing the 1 year run rant or say how much the Patriots have spent in FA this year, at least throw in there that the Pats also have never had this much cap space. It's not BBioli, or any team for that matter, has the same amount of cap space every year to spend in FA.
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    I agree and they also never had the chance to get a player like Randy Moss for a fourth round pick and three million dollar salary that would make him cuttable at any time.
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    Good point.
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    The analysis is quite poor. We are certainly not making a one-year run.

    Obviously, if that had been the case, we would have used our draft choices rather than trade them.

    We had a chance at 28 and 91 to choose

    a LB: Poz, Harris, Waters

    a RB: Leonard, or Bush

    a CB: Hughes

    a NT: Branch or

    an OT: Staley
    Would the offense be better this year with Staley and Bush?
    Would the defense be better with Poz or Harris and Hughes?
    Would the defense be better with Branch and Hughes?
    How about Branch and Bush [my choice]

    No, we could have been better this year had that been our focus. In the end, we will address these area of need. It may be by signing Sam Adams, Chris Brown and Chad Brown.
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    Shh...don't call him Rich. I did, and that was the first thing he "corrected" me on. :D
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    I used that same argument, and he never really responded to it.
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