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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by 37Harrison, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Thought I would start a start/sit thread, hell I know I need help this weekend!

    I'm in a PPR league and I have some questions on who to start at WR and RB

    I have to start 3 WR's from this list:
    Randy Moss (starting)
    Anquan Boldin (friggen Revis!)
    Brandon Marshall (Bills pass D was 2nd best behind the Jests last year!)
    Jabar Gaffney v. terrible Jax 2ndary (starting as of right now)

    I have to start 2 RB's from this list:
    Frank Gore (Starting)
    Tim Hightower v. StL (Wells is questionable to play)
    Jahvid Best v. Chicago
    Cadillac Williams v. Tampa Bay

    Thanks for the advice, I will return it if wanted!
  2. PatsBoy12

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    I have Anquan and I've decided to sit him. I really don't see him having a monster game against arguably the best corner in the league, even if he held out of training camp and the preseason. I have other guys who I feel very confident with for week 1.
  3. I have to choose between these running backs in a non PPR league and I can start 3:

    Best vs CHI
    Harrison vs TB
    Forte vs DET
    Benson vs NE
    Hightower vs STL(Beanie Wells is listed as doubtful tomorrow)

    And I have to choose between Bowe and Welker.
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  4. PatsBoy12

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    I like Forte, Benson, and Harrison. I've never been a fan of Hightower and I just don't know about Best, honestly.

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