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    On offense theirs not much to really say other than things are flying well. And when i say flying well i mean Tom Brady is throwing the hell out of the ball.

    In total offense per game we are #2, we average 419 YPG.

    -Passing Yards Per Game, Ranked 4th with 280 YPG
    -Rushing Yards Per Game, Ranked 8th with 139 YPG

    Key offensive players stats:

    Tom Brady: 546 yards passing, 6 TD's, 1 Int. Completing 80% of his passes with a QB rating of 134.
    Randy Moss: 17 rec, 288 yards, 3 TD's averaging 16.9 YPC
    Wes Welker: 14 rec, 152 yards, 1 TD, avg 10.9 YPC
    Laurence Maroney: 35 atts, 149 yards rushing, avg 4.3 YPC
    Sammy Morris: 21 atts, 105 yards, avg 5 YPC, 1 TD
    Ben Watson: 7 rec, 58 yards, avg 8.3 YPC, 2 TD's
    Donte Stallworth: 3 rec, 38 yards, avg 12.7 YPC

    Defense you ask? Well since you asked heres the numbers.

    Patriots Defense is ranked NUMBER 1 in Total Defense. Allowing just 214 YPG.

    -Passing Defense, ranked 5th allowing 158 YPG
    -Rushing Defense, ranked 1st allowing just 56 YPG!

    Most important players on defense so far have obviously been. Colvin, Thomas, Vrabel, Warren and Wilfork.
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    Don't forget Vrabel leads the league in sacks.
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    Bumping this since their are some important numbers that everyone should see.
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    Some other stats:

    (Hopefully these will still be new by the time I post this)

    Team Stats:

    Ponts scored per game: 2nd place

    Points allowed per game: 8th place

    Total Time on Defense: 2nd place at 51:50

    Punting: Average Distance: 18th place; Net Average: 27th place (OUCH!) Good thing we don't have to punt alot!

    Kicking: Average Distance: 15th place; Average return: 15th place (I believe this is the average we have allowed)
    (I'd be interested to see stats on 3rd down % for offense and defense and redzone stats)

    Player Stats:

    Tom Brady: 1st place in completions percentage and QB rating and tied for first in # of TDs (6). 3rd place in passing yards.

    Mike Vrabel: 1st place in sacks at 3.5 (Colvin and Green are tied for 5th place with other players(2))

    Adalius Thomas: tied for 5th place with other players for # passes defensed (4). (Thomas and Colvin are tied for 7th place with a bunch of other players for # of interceptions(1))

    Rosevelt Colvin: Tied for 1st place with 5 other players for # of Forced Fumbles (2)

    Laurence Maroney: 17th place for rushing yards
    Sammy Morris: 26th place for rushing yards

    Randy Moss: 2nd place for receiving yards, 1st down receptions, and receiving plays over 20 yards

    Wes Welker: 19th place for receiving yards (remember that there are 32 teams... 19 ain't bad for a WR that is not the #1 guy)

    Ellis Hobbs: 3rd place for kickoff return average, #1 for longest return (Duh!) and the only kickoff return for a TD so far.

    (If stats page is to be believed, it doesn't appear that we have had a punt return (other than fair catch). Can that be right?)
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    Not worth its own thread ...
    but where else should i point out?
    Mruc (last seen in Miami)
    played for the Chargers Sunday !

    EDIT: wudja believe?
    TWO Mruczkowskis.
    Our Gene is still in Miami.
    Scott, also a center, is the Charger.
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