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Oct 30, 2016
Sep 15, 2004
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Jan 22, 1973 (Age: 43)
Newport News, VA
Software Engineer

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I can delete my own crap!, Male, 43, from Newport News, VA

PatsFans.com Supporter

Lurking Oct 22, 2015

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Oct 30, 2016
    1. Lloyd_Christmas
    2. Lloyd_Christmas
      I have been mostly absent for the past 4 years. Work got crazy and six kids are a lot of work. I truly hope to read and post here more often this year. I love this site and its knowledgeable posters.
    3. Gerome23

      My name is Gerôme and I'm from Germany. I signed up for an account since I'm searching for the Greatest Games DVD-Collection of the New england Patriots and hoped to find someone who would sell it to me. Can you help me to find it? That would be awesome! It seems to me that the collection is not available to purchase on the internet since it is out of print! Please help me! :-)

      Thank you, best regards and Merry Christmas,

    4. claranicole
      Hi there! My husband and I recently moved to the NN area and are looking forward to meet New England Patriot's fans!
    5. Lloyd_Christmas
      I haven't been on much lately, but I am getting a little more free time to read and post. God I love this place! See you around...
    6. Lloyd_Christmas
      If I posted something that pissed you off and you have come here to see how tough I look, then don't let the cat and the tin foil hat fool you. Besides being an avid UFO hunter, I am also a black belt in karate, registered to carry a concealed weapon, and obviously have very little to live for besides the friendship of my cat. I am not to be trifled with!

      If you aren't here to see if you can beat me up or not, then no, that is not me in the picture. I am a slightly nerdy looking software engineer whose picture would be far too boring compared to the one I chose. Besides, I say a lot of stupid crap, so I had to have a scary enough picture to keep the internet tough guys at bay.

      Although I don't have 10,000+ posts, I have actually been a board member since the days of Ian's Patriot Page (late 90's) and used to post under a screenname of "Dwayne".

      The "Lloyd_Christmas" screenname came about when we were all forced to recreate our usernames and for some reason, at that time, I didn't think "Dwayne" was snazzy enough. Tom Brady had recently sported a ludicrous bowl cut that made him look a lot like Jim Carey in his role as Lloyd Christmas in the movie Dumb & Dumber.... hence the screen name.
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    Jan 22, 1973 (Age: 43)
    Newport News, VA
    Software Engineer
    Favorite Player:
    Tom F'n Brady
    Favorite Tailgating Food:
    Hamburgers & Hotdogs
    Favorite TV Show:
    Favorite Movie:
    National Treasure
    6 kids, prior Air Force, work for Northrop Grumman

    Reading, hiking, kayaking


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    "My name is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Quarterback of the New England Patriots, Four Time Super Bowl Champion, Offensive Guru, Pride of Michigan, The Greatest Quarterback in the History of the NFL. Target of the Deflategate Witch Hunt, Defender of our Dynasty's legacy. And I will have my vengeance, in this game and the rest."