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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by halbrown05743, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum. I would have posted this in the tailgating area except for the minimum posts to start new thread rule. It'll take me forever to get to 30 since I tend to read a lot and post little on forums.

    So that being said, I've read most of the tailgating posts and all of the advice therein and I feel like I have a good idea on most points. My 15 year old son and I are headed down from Vermont to our first ever Pats game next Sunday to see them play the Steelers. We'll have our food and all that, but my question is do people tend to walk around the lots and intermingle or should the two of us stick to ourselves? Will people feel odd about a 15 year old wandering by their party?

    Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, my son (Darren) is a big Pats fan, and while I am definitely a Pats fan, my top team has been the Steelers for 35 plus years- so we're looking forward to a little father-son rivalry and a good time.


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    Welcome to the board! I am a season ticket holder and while I don't tailgate much any more (usually go either to Patriots Place or a friend's indoor tailgate party), I did happen to tailgate last week for the Miami game.

    In general, people tend to talk to, hang with and/or have a drink with those around them, but you don't see lots of people wandering from party to party. Try to get there early and pick a spot near a group or two that seems lively. Oh, and if you wear a Steelers shirt, expect to get a little crap from the natives! Have fun! You'll love the experience of being there!

    Forgot to add that if you want to have an icebreaker or two, you and your son should bring a football to toss around, or if you have it, one of those beanbag toss games. I've seen lots of people using those in the lots.
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    Keep an eye on the weather. It's supposed to be cool and windy this Sunday, so tailgating might get uncomfortable if you're out there for hours. Finding a restaurant to hang out in at Patriots Place might be a good secondary option, but you'd have to get there plenty early (by at least two hours) to be seated.

    Visiting fans are tolerated here, but please leave your Terrible Towel at home. :)
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    Thanks for the responses! The football is already in the car. And being from Vermont, we're good on the weather. My son's Friday night games the last couple weeks have been brisk to say the least. And no worries, the black and gold won't be on display, although I'll have to rib the boy a bit if the Steelers manage to get a lead somewhere. I think it'll have to be early on though.
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    Forgot to check back - how was your experience?

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