My SB Reaction and what next.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by signbabybrady, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Well that sucked plain and simple. But I am proud of this team, they fought their asses off all season. They kept digging thru all the hate (no defense, no deep game, cant win like this). They were a team that despite falling behind several times never gave up and were the true definition of team.

    I think we should all be proud that this team is AFC Champs and I think we should all recognize how hard it is to go 3 for 5 in SBs.

    Now to my real point in making this thread. What is next?

    Well that is simple IMO I welcome just about everyone back to try and compete for a spot next year but outside of a very select few I don't think anyone's job should be safe. We can upgrade just about anywhere and I will be ok with it. I think QBs and TEs can be excluded from this (I would welcome upgrades here too just not very plausible).

    Other than that though I think the focus should be on the defensive side of the ball and at WR.

    I think you can go up and down the roster and find guys at all positions that you would be happy to go to battle with but I think almost any of these guys could be upgraded. DBs for example we all like Chung and Mccourty and we may have found a player in Sterling Moore and Arrington had a career year but I think we would all cringe if all 4 guys were starters next year. What I would like to do here would be keep all 4 and even keep Ihedibo but replace two or 3 in the starting lineup. Adding to our depth and talent level.
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    As a complete noob, I need to get up to speed on the Patriots' draft. But offhand you are right. The Super Bowl showed just how (almost) non-existent the pass rush was, giving Eli too much time to successfully make those third-down conversion that were killing. At the same time, with Brady getting up there a good QB down the way would be good - hopefully good scouting is being done.

    Looking forward to April already!
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