My Josh McDaniels Theory

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by IcyPatriot, Jan 20, 2006.

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    AGE: At 29 chances are fairly good that McDaniels will be our OC and possible
    HC right through Brady's tenure here with the Patriots.

    INTELLIGENCE: I think this is obvious just due to the fact that BB has great
    faith and trust in Josh. Could he have done better last year...sure...but
    then again every coach could have and McDaniels is
    it Belichick's long desire to try offense his way with the advantage
    of starting with a great OC's (WEIS's) playbook.

    FLEXIBILITY: The drafting of Kaczur and Mankins was the beginning of
    this Belichick plan. From the building blocks (LINE) on up...we will
    begin to see where this is headed this coming year.

    Belichick is awstruck at how the players of old were so much more mobile than they are now. Playbooks are now designed around good run lines and good pass blocking lines. Pocket passers and mobile passers.

    While I don't expect Brady to ever be mobile...I do expect an offense that will line up almost the exact same way every single play and yet have the ability to run 80% of the teams offense from that formation...a defensive
    nightmare with a QB as dangerous as Brady.

    I predicted this several years ago...expecting Weis to leave it happens now. It makes alot of sense...why would a coach so deft at disguising defenses ever be content with the predictability of most of today's offenses. As good as Weis was...even he was predictable to a great extent. Call it perfecting execution with increased confidence.

    My first post in a very long time.....very very busy as I had to make many changes in my lifestyle...I still enjoy reading the board nightly...keep up the great posting...the site is better than ever.
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    Welcome back Nut you've been missed around here.
  3. T-ShirtDynasty

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    You've been missed man!
  4. marty

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    Alcatraz? You been cleaning up the joint getting a few rooms ready for the Vick's and Clarett's of the NFL? LOL!!! Seriously - missed reading you, welcome back!
  5. T-ShirtDynasty

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    Your logic makes sense in regards to the way Belichick lives to disguise defense. What did you have in mind with this one formation? Is this the mythical two-tight end we've been dreaming about?
  6. PatsFanSince74

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    And it frees up a spot for Flutie to move in as QB coach...
  7. flutie2phelan

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    Yes, the site IS getting still better. With you back, there should be another wee uptick.

    I accept that you mean to say something revelatory. But it is not quite clear to me.

    Do you mean anything BEYOND shifting into a different formation before the snap?

    Please paraphrase yourself. What will "perfect execution with increased confidence"?

    Pardon my obtuseness, and ... Warm regards!
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    Welcome back Nut! How did the operation go? Have the hormonal changes been bad? Are heals as hard to walk in as reported?

    Good thinking, gald your football sense hasn't been altered! :p
  9. IcyPatriot

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    I've always felt Belichick likes to approach this on many fronts. His detailed on field teaching (which suffered a bit this year), detailed preperation with extra emphasis on classroom time. Our defense lines up usually very confident that the opposing QB truly has little to no clue what is going on. Rendering the opposing team to rely on execution with little room for error.

    The same cannot be said for our offense...especially when Brady has only 1 or no TE's held back. I figured this was the plan when we drafted Watson. Like T-Shirt alludes to but it didn't happen for whatever reasons. Heck...3 SB's in 4 years is nothing to complain about. But we all know Belichick always sees room for improvement.

    So a shift to RT for Kaczur (or Light)....a 3rd or 4th round selection to back them up along with another road grader (Neal backup if he stays) and I expect to see this unfold nicely next year.

    Belichick doesn't have the money or the time to turn over the defense beyond next year.....a ramped-up offense will smooth the defense transition as the linebackers and D-Line transform to fit the cap. In other words Belichicks best bet for cap management right now appears to be the offense...thus McDaniels, Brady, a new RB and a confusing offense will carry us for the next 3-5 years as he re-tools the defense.

    Of course this applies to 2007 as we have another run left in us for 2006 with the present team for the most part. My opinion of course....I'm excited to see it....a great pass blocking line that is extremely mobile for the intricate blocking schemes he will use for the runs and screen plays based on the same 2 TE sets. We saw some of that this year...more next year. The league is gonna go nuts when he drafts another TE this year...he needs 3 TE's and Fauria isn't suited for this.
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    No, you were too busy tearing PFIEL a new one to notice! :D
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    You all are being so gentle with F.B.N. and all with welcoming him back.

    I guess I'll take the heat for telling him......


    sorry to break this to you but Robert Kraft is selling the Patriots to Jeremy Jacobs :scared:
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    I thought that they were talking about me. Only, I didn't go anywhere and if I did no one would miss me anyway.

    Welcome back Nut,

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    When I first heard about this, I was against it... but then I said "If my friend F.B.N. wants to be a woman... so be it!"

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