My game thought other than I think I am going to be sick

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Rob0729, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Rob0729

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    1.) What a horrible second half in every area. As bad as the special teams were, the defense was worse and they weren't even close as bad as the offense.
    2.) Cassel regressed to the old Cassel. He held onto the ball too long, stared down receivers, and didn't step up into the pocket when he should.
    3.) Basically going o-fer on 3rd downs (other than a garbage time conversion) is unacceptable and falls solely on McDaniels who called his worst game in a long time.
    4.) Someone please tell me how O'Neal can play press coverage and never bump the receiver within the first five yards. The guy would get smoked on the first step on a lot of plays.
    5.) The ball dropping has to stop. There was no excuse for all the drops especially by Moss. It's time for Bill O'Brien to do some hands drills with his receivers.
    6.) That hit on Welker was cheap and deserves a suspension.
    7.) Kudos to the Steelers, they made the second half adjustments brilliantly and outplayed and outcoached the Pats.
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  2. Rob0729

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    Oh, here's #8:

    Even as bad as today was, the Pats are still in it for the division. The Pats have a relatively cake schedule the rest of the way. They can still pull off 11-5 and win the division. Games like today cannot be a pattern though.
  3. thechris

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    Defense needs to get a lot better.

    WAY too many mistakes.
  4. jcrack

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    cassell def. needs to stop holding the ball too long but the whole team played like crap except for faulk..i feel like this team just doesnt care sometimes but what can you do..hopefully the players/coaches fix many mistakes
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