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My 10 Patriots picks mock if we didn't have trades

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by PATRIOT64, Apr 26, 2007.

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  1. PATRIOT64

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    If for some strange very unlikely situation happened and we didn't do trades this year here is what I project for draft picks for each round we draft from....

    Round 1 - Pick #24 - BRANDON SILER ILB - The shocker who many have later as a pick may end up being a better pro than Harris,Hits hard and shows knowledge and maturity for the move to the NFL as any ILB I have seen play in college last year including top guys like Willis.

    Round 1 - Pick #28 - PAUL POSLUSZNY OLB Penn State - Having to try Hard to spell this guys last name is about the only thing I don't like about him,Has great on field presence and what he lacks in speed and agility he has in heart - A Bruschi clone IMO.

    Round 3 - Pick #91 - AARON ROUSE SS Virginia Tech - Hard hitting kid and lots of potential fits nicely with our guys,Need young blood at this position.

    Round 4 - Pick #127 - DARIUS WALKER RB Notre Dame - Coming from Notre Dame and Charlie Weis coaching probably moves this good looking running back up on our list as insurance for Maroney and possible injuries again.

    Round 5 - Pick #171 - DAREN STONE SS Maine - Maybe a reach to grab another SS this late but if he is still here at this pick I can see us taking a shot on this local new england school kid.

    Round 6 - Pick #180 - JAMES MARTEN OT Boston College - Another local guy who comes from a very well coached school and would add some nice depth to this position here and was a good player as well for BC.

    Round 6 - Pick #202 - DeANDRE JACKSON CB Iowa State - Another position we can never have enough young blood coming in,Would likely have a good chance to make the team.

    Round 6 - Pick #208 - JORDAN PALMER QB Texas El Paso - Seems like we can use an extra pretty good future QB here with the big possibility Cassell is gone in 2008 and bloodline says he will be a very promising future solid QB player like his brother,May be the QB steal of this draft.

    Round 6 - Pick #209 - RYAN MOORE WR Miami - With the uncertainty of what WRs will be here next year,drafting a late round WR is almost a must in this years draft,He can sit and wait to maybe become a more important part of this team in 2008.

    Round 7 - Pick #247 - ALAN BALL CB Illinois - The last pick may be a pick we need for one of our weakest positions if Asante is not here - If somehow Asante gets a miracle settlement or simply agrees to terms before the draft then we might go with another late round QB like Chris Leak here instead if he is still around by this pick but for now I like Ball at this late spot.
  2. mcsully

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    Sep 14, 2004
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    TWO linebackers when we have needs at DB and OL? I don't even think we're going LB in the draft until late.
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