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    ...or for any other CBA gurus:

    In the event a team franchises a guy, can the team trade the right to negotiate with that player (after franchising,) to another team? If a player is a UFA, of course you can't trade him, because you don't have him. But if he is your franchise guy, you have him... so, can you trade him? There seems to be some confusion on this on the board.

    Also is it really the case that if you tag the player and trade him, that you lose the right to use the franchise tag for the length of the new contract? I read something to that effect, although it makes no sense to me, unless of course it's a measure built in to dissuade teams from using the franchise tag this way.

    Inquiring minds want to know,

  2. pats63

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    interesting,so tag for a year time to develope a player then let him go
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    The way I understand it is that a URFA, if franchised the player can then be traded. As far as the franchising restriction I believe it will only apply to the team that the player signs a contract with. Then it is for the life of the contract. However there is a time slot for that franchised designation to last the entire contract. Sometime in the summer there is a date that is the end of that stipulation. If a franchised player sings before of after that slot the franchise tag does not go forward. The Pat’s did this with Viniteari on the last contract he signed with them. I could be wrong but that is the way I understand it.
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    From what I know from the CBA, no.
    Section 8
    "Section 8. No Assignment: No Club may assign or otherwise transfer to any other Club the exclusive negotiating rights or any Right of First Refusal it may have for any Franchise Player, nor any Right of First Refusal it may have for any Transition Player, nor any designation rights it may have"

    But what typically happens is that the players signs the franchise tender and then is traded the same day. See the Jets and John Abraham last year. Please note that the trade took place AFTER the CBA was extended so there is precedent for a sign and trade under the current CBA rules.

    That was not true in the past and I see nothing in the aforementioned PDF that would support it being true today.
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    If the player signs, he loses all rights, expect for sitting out on a signed contract. The team can trade him anywhere, and even cut him later with little compensation.

    A team can secure from the patriots the permission to negotiate with a franchised player for ZERO compensation. When a deal accceptable to all THREE parties, then the player will sign and the plyer will be traded to a team he has chosen to negotiate with. In essense, the patriots have received a draft choice or other compensation for removing the tag. In now way can the patriots franchise player and expect compensation if the player does not cooperate and give the patriots that right. In the end, the player has the same right as before, refuse to sign and to sit out. In this case, the player has refused an offer from his existing team.

    Other teams can decide how much to offer the patriots as compensation for a player not under contract, that a patriots have the right to keep out of the NFL for a year, giving up any compensation pick. After the patriots could simply allow the player to go, and probably receive a 3rd (for a player good enough to franchise).


    1) Sign a deal with the player at higher than they think reasonable.

    2) Do nothing and receive a 3rd round draft choice, avoiding all the press and diversion.

    3) Franchise the player and give the player the right to designate teams that the patriots will give permission to negotiate, accept the diversion for a periood of time, and hope for more than a 3rd.

    4) Franchise the player with the idea of accepting the player sit out and losing the comp pick.

    5) Tranistion the player.
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    MG and Miguel, thanks.... so I suppose the Pats can still eke out compensation, that much is known. I'm going to go back over these posts, and read the PDF, before joining the "franchise to trade" prediction game, although it sounds on first blush as if possibilities remain open, but that all such possibilities (as always,) depend on the player being willing to play ball (quite literally.)


  7. alamo

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    No, if the player signs the franchise tender it's guaranteed.

    Maybe things have changed, but I believe that if this happens the comp pick is just delayed, for when the player later leaves as an unrestricted free agent.
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    You can trade a Franchised player. Under the old CBA and, as John Abraham proved, under the new one. It's not worth getting caught up in the minutia of when all the signings officially take place. Does the sign the offer then get traded, whatever. Who cares. Pioli's a big boy he can do that.

    All the matters is the Jets got a low #1 for Abraham as a Franchised UFA last year under the new CBA. End of story.

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