"If Peyton loses, he is going to buy a house next to A-Rod"

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    Great quote from Boomer Esaision:

    Boomer: Here’s the deal for Peyton Manning, perception is reality. If he doesn’t win on Sunday and doesn’t get to the Super Bowl, he might as well buy a house next to A-Rod – Alex Rodriguez – because they’re going to be living in the same neighborhood. And that’s the neighborhood of the guys making the most money without the championships with the most stats in the regular season. I don’t feel that way because I think it’s horrific that these two great athletes have to be looked at in that vein. But that’s unfortunately the way it’s going to be perceived. If it continues to stay that way for Peyton, he’ll have to deal with it much like Marty Schottenheimer is dealing with it this week. As much as I hate, and as much as I think it’s an injustice to the greatness of Peyton Manning, the perception out there – and I don’t know where that perception comes from, I guess from media people who follow the league or have never played the game before and have a local radio talk show – those people feel that if he doesn’t win the Super Bowl his career is not going to be validated. It’s a shame that he has to be put under that microscope, but that’s the way it is.

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