I like how Gregg Williams thinks

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by QB12, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. QB12

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  2. Brono

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    Next, will someone claim the Saints have put a bounty on Manning?
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  3. QB12

    QB12 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    Oh yeah, I forgot, what we've been doing has been working so well . . . ever here Einstein's definition of 'insanity?'

  4. yup.......Mutual assured destruction........

    by 2012, all teams will employ the wildcat version of the wishbone....things will have come full circle

    maybe the pats should move up and draft tim tebow
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  5. QB12

    QB12 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

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    I think you're still 'tanked as usual.'

  6. no way....I am just making the appropriate responses given the original post
  7. FootballFan85

    FootballFan85 Banned

    I can't believe what a tool this guy is???

    1) If this isn't actually his plan and he thinks this is somehow going to get into Manning's head, then he's sorely mistaken.

    2) If this is actually the plan, and someone does injure Manning, how long until Drew Brees gets the strecher in return? If it happened without these quotes, then its a coincidence. By saying this though, if they do in fact injure Manning, it's going to look completely intentional and someone on the Colts will retailiate.

    3) If they do injure Manning and it comes on a late hit or otherwise illegal play, what will the consequences for this coach be?

    That being said, if this is their game plan, then I've lost all respect for the Saints which is too bad because I really like them as a team. But to want to win a Super Bowl by intentionally attempting to knock the other teams best player out of the game is just cowardly. Why not just play the game and prove you can win when you're playing their best?
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  8. tobias funke

    tobias funke Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Why shouldn't it be their gameplan? He didn't say they're going to deliver illegal hits to hurt the guy, he just said they're going to try and hit him.

    This is football, right?

    This is essentially the exact same theoretical gameplan the Giants used: collapse the pocket and rattle the **** out of Brady so the offense couldn't get in sync. It's a huge testament to Brady's toughness that he managed to lead the team down for the go-ahead TD after the beating he took (while playing on an injured leg).

    If Williams really thought there would be any repercussions for saying that, he wouldn't have said it. Don't be surprised if this is also a public message to his defense: "we're not going to win unless you guys bring it."
  9. Fball

    Fball Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    It's pretty close.

    The first thing I thought of was that scene from Slapshot..."you can't put a bounty on a man's head!"
  10. FootballFan85

    FootballFan85 Banned

    Saying we want to hit a QB and we want to rattle him is fine and every team should want to do that.

    Saying 'we hope we can injure him and that he wont be able to come back in and play' is sort of a different story.

    I'd love to hear what the reaction to this would've been if it was someone saying they hoped they could take Brady out of the game permenently to increase their chances of winning.

    I'll never understand why a team would want to win a game knowing that they beat a B squad? If it happens coincidentally, it happens, and whatever, that's fine.

    But how can you take pride in a win knowing you got it by intentionally injuring the other teams best player?

    It reminds me of a couple times last year in NHL shootouts where the first shooter would just come in and rifle a slapshot at the goalie from very close range. On more than one occasion the goalie was injured. Completely legal, yes, but sort of obvious what the intention is.
  11. Dagg

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    we need tougher DCs, since you cannot leave a current role for a lateral move offer him assistant HC and a pay bump and lets get our defense going next year. The saints D talent wise is very average, but is doing good things cause of coaching.
  12. MoLewisrocks

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    Yup, it's not so much the plan - which may be harder to execute than planned - it's publicly acknowledging it that makes him a tool. Egos are the downfall of so many in this league. Like the league isn't going to have a emphasis talk with those refs during the pregame...
  13. I always thought the idea to get the QB went without saying
  14. tobias funke

    tobias funke Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Child please....read the article. Read what Williams actually said.

    The headline is misleading and only making it obvious that you haven't.

    He never said they want to injure Manning or knock him out of the game. He essentially said they want to hit him hard enough that he will remember. It sounds to me like what he said a week ago about Favre: if you hit him enough, eventually he will be thinking about the hits and not the throw he's making at the end of the game to win.

    Don't get caught up in the sensationalism.
  15. FootballFan85

    FootballFan85 Banned

    That's another huge point!

    People already complain that Manning gets babied by the refs too much because of his status (before anyone jumps on this remember that Brady is considered the same way around the league).

    So what has this guy done to himself now? By openly saying he intends to injure Peyton Manning, anyone want to bet the refs are going to be specifically told to make sure there is no funny business with hits to the QB?

    If this guy does actually want to pound Peyton into the dirt until he can't move anymore, all hes done by saying it publicly is ensure that the refs are going to be watching extra close now.
  16. FootballFan85

    FootballFan85 Banned

    "When you put too much of that type of worry on a warrior's mind, he doesn't play all out," Williams said. "If it happens, it happens. And the only thing you'd like for me to say is that if it happens you hope he doesn't get back up and play again."

    What part of 'you hope he doesn't get back up and play again' doesn't clearly imply injury?

    If a teams DC said, "We're going to hit Tom Brady so he remembers and we hope we can hit him so hard that he won't be able to continue on in the game", what part of that doesnt = "we want to injure Tom Brady", and what would the reaction around here be like?

    Like I said, you want to hammer a QB, fine, what defense doesn't? But when you start publicly expressing that you'd like to hit him hard enough that he's injured, that's a different story, and cowardly as far as Im concerned.

    It would be the same in any sport. You want to get in a guys head, you want to wear him down, fine. But the second you do anything with the intent or hope that he won't be able to get back up at all, you've crossed the line. Nothing sportsmanlike about that.

    Now who knows if that's what this guys plan actually is. I don't. In fact the wording of the way he said the 'doesnt get back up' part leaves it very open to debate what he meant. All I'm saying, is that if this guy actually does want to take Manning out of the game completely, and that's part of his game plan to beat the Colts, then that's cowardly.

    I'm not saying for sure that's the case, because I don't know. But if it is, then he's a coward.

    Regardless, it was a stupid thing to give the media in the first place and it might result in the refs taking a little extra notice of what goes on around the QBs.
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  17. tobias funke

    tobias funke Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I didn't count that sentence because the way he said it doesn't make it clear at all that he means it. In text, starting a sentence with "the only thing you'd like for me to say" sounds more like a reference to what the host wants to hear.

    Poor choice of words maybe, but really something only Mike Florio should be getting his panties bunched over, because that's how he makes a living.

    Williams essentially said the exact same thing last week, and executed the plan on Favre on national television. There wasn't much of an outcry then, except about the fact that the officials were afraid to call it.

    You're always going to get more of this stuff in playoff games anyways, because guys are playing all out, some just to win, and some to win and get bonus payments.
  18. FootballFan85

    FootballFan85 Banned

    Exactly why I say I don't know if it is in fact his game plan or not. I'm just saying that if it is, then wow. But he could've just been saying it tongue in cheek. He could've just poorly chosen his words. Again, huge mistake when dealing with the media. Just look at how Florio ran with it.

    Up until that point he hadn't said a single thing relating to injuring Manning and he was doing just fine. Whether he means it or not, just one example of how you can't be too careful with words around the media.
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  19. BradyFTW!

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    It definitely blurs the line a little, but I do think that your interpretation is closer to the truth than "Williams is telling his guys to injure Manning with illegal hits!"

    All that he said is that 1) if his players are worried about penalties, they can't go all-out, so he's going to tell them not to worry about it (toeing the line, but not so bad. Other teams have said worse stuff re: their plan against Brady).

    and 2) you hope Manning doesn't get up and can't come back after you hit him.... that's a little more problematic. I didn't have a problem with 1, but 2 is definitely stretching it. He did leave himself some wiggle room by prefacing it, but I still don't see the point in saying it at all.
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