How about Tully Banta-Cain.....

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  1. Give this guy some love! He was all over the field tonight and he gave the D a huge boost in the pass rush. I hope he gets more playing time because he has some speed around the edge.
  2. fnordcircle

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    Tully is like Shawne Merriman sans HGH.
  3. Dragda

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    I am overseas and didn't get the game. I had to listen on internet radio. Was Vrabel playing inside the entire game?
  4. Fencer

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    Blind squirrel, meet acorn.

    You're right about that one.
  5. PatsRI

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    TBC is a dad now too.

    Outside linebacker Tully Banta-Cain finished with two tackles (both sacks) and one special teams tackle, but he wasn't around to talk about it afterward. He hopped on owner Robert Kraft's plane to hurry back to New England, where his girlfriend delivered a baby boy earlier in the day . . .
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    PatsRI, in the future, please attribute so as not to get the website in copyright trouble. Thanks:
  7. edgecy

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    Another reason to love the Krafts, they know that Tully is a daddy now and hurry to get him home reunited with his family. :)
  8. CTPatsFan

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    Me, too. The kid does have some speed. As he gets more playing time, he will work out some of his kinks.
  9. BelichickFan

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    TBC is a UFA that no-one's been talking about. I guess he's on our radar for re-signing now.
  10. sarge

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    I have to say, I was shocked with how fast he is.

    He has to be our fastest linebacker (no offense, but we have a fairly slow linebacking core. But they just seem to be in the right place).

    I think he will see some more playing time Sunday night!
  11. Box_O_Rocks

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    I believe they moved him inside more often, once Minnesota went to catch-up mode, for his speed and coverage ability against RBs and TEs. He took OLB reps too, but BB and Pees have been making an effort to use TBC in the 3rd OLB role Rosey used to hold down.
  12. Lloyd_Christmas

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    I was predicting TBC would break out last year. Whoops! I was wrong. It took him an extra year. Either way, glad he is finally comming on. With Willie gone, we need him.
  13. bunzoburns

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    That matchup vs. McKinnie reminds me of how bad Jonathan Ogden looks against Freeney.
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  14. Lloyd_Christmas

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    Posts about TBC from last year

    FYI - for those you are curious.

    (These may not be all the threads about TBC... I did a search and picked out what appeared relevant)

    Nem did indeed suggest TBC would break out, but he was wrong on Beisel (nobody's perfect):

    Tully Banta Cain Anyone?

    TBC in 2006:

    I (incorrectly) predict TBC pushing for playing time in sept of 2004:
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  15. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    TBC: Pride of Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, CA...just down the street from me.

    Way to represent, Tully!


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