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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by R_T26, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Yeah, that IS a pretty great video.
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    Loved the shots of Peyton as he comes off the field in each of the losses of that wimpy two arm shrug. Hope to see that again this season!!

    Awesome video!
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    Willie stoping Edge .. classic

    I forgot how bad they physically beat up Indy
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    2003 New England Patriots. One of the best teams ever, so fun and exciting. The crazy moments like the Denver intentional safety, the Goal line stand, the nearly disastorous game with the Texans, game against Miami.

    Wow. I remember the Miami game I was so frustrated and angry about how the officials could screw up so many times, however Mare still shanked two field goals. Ahh, thank goodness. The Texans game, I swear I thought we would lose about three times near the end. Daniel Grahams TD catch was amazing, he was so close to dropping it but he held on. Ofcourse holding the Colts off with the goal line stand was to that point the best moment in the season but it was even better when they humiliated Peyton in the playoffs. What a beautiful day it was. A beautiful season, SB champs, dramatic finishes, homefield advantage in the playoffs. Awesomeness.

    Oh yeah I liked that clip where the Cowboys tight end gets nailed by Law...then Rodney...then McGinnest. Classic. They just threw him around to each other and they all got their shot in. Great secondary too...the starters got something like 20 INTs combined.
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    Truly one of the greatest teams in the Super Bowl era. Law was spectacular in that Colts AFCCG (As was Harrison and the rest of the D). Troy Brown looked great also. I'm psyched that Brown is still with us, and he will be a factor this year, he is a true Patriot !!!

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