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    OK, so must of us, despite being privy to the late exploits of a great one, dismiss the role of the kicker. Most rate that the true impact a kicker imparts lies somewhere down there with the difference in quality between shoelace manufacturers. The thing is, as Patsfans should be well acquainted with, there is a significant quantity of games decided by the kicker, particularly important ones.

    So, the question posed is, what is the story with Gostkowski? I know nothing of the man other than an (NFL Network/ESPN?) CFA all-star showdown for kickers. The general consensus was that John Hustun was the stud kicker with a Howitzer for a leg.

    For brevity, a weakness of mine:

    * Gostkowski was the only one who didn't miss. He seemed absolutely non-plussed by the whole spectacle and just booted strong, straight bombs.
    * Hustun (if you got this far, I care not to look up the correct spelling) seemed spastically jumpy and full of it. Kicked strong but crooked; seemed intimidated.
    * the other "all-stars" (our talent pool) were amateurs. Great college kids, but hopefully they took their scholarships for what they were.
    *I was very impressed with his performance, before I ever thought he was on the Pats radar, despite the obvious need.
    *SO...although consensus is that drafting a kicker is reaching, etc., does anyone have insight into this particular kicker. He appears qualified based on pre/post-draft reviews, my personally impressed observations, etc.
    * What I want to know is: what is the knowledge/predilection/insight on this guy?

    OK, I'm done. Thanks.
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    Only time will tell but BB certainly shows a lot of respect for the kicking game (drafting a kicker in the fourth round certainly shows how important it is to him) not just from the field goals perspective but also from the field position point of view.
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    Given the amount of time that they knew there was a good chance they would have to replace Adam, I'm confidante that Sealy, Pioli and Bill gave the kicker position it's due diligence and drafted the best value at the position as well as brought in a vet for good camp competition. Should be interesting this summer!
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    It's SeEly.
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    This staff has never had to start and develop a PK far as I can tell. There was a pretty well established one in place (from Seely's alma mater no less) when they took over here. Seely worked with Kasay when he was named the ST coach of the expansion Panthers - but Kasay was coming in off 4 pretty good years in Seattle.

    I think the potential problem may be it was a weak kicking class overall, which would explain BB using a 4th round slot to secure the pick of a very small litter. Only two players drafted and the other was a KO specialist taken in the 6th. That may be Gostkowski's achilles heel at least out of the gate from the looks of his scouting - KO distance and hang time concerns. His draft profile at NFL.com said his KO's usually land around the 5, but given the added distance, weather and hardball issues that could present a problem - especially if he's a line drive kicker or can't consistently get the loft needed for hang time to balance that distance.

    It would be better too if he had a veteran mentor to talk too who was secure in his job and not fighting to get back in the game. I think that's another reason you will see stability reign within the rest of the kicking unit. Miller and Paxton worked with AV every day for the last couple of years and likley could be a real resource for this kid.

    I wondered what happened to the other names that were being widely bantered about pre draft. Huston has signed with da Bears as a UDFA - he will compete with Robbie Gould - the only kicker currently starting in the NFL with a prior connection to the Patriots. Apparently he's struggled enough at 40+ and his KO's aren't all that spectacular so Lovie is declaring an open competition in Chicago. Haven't seen any mention of Hughes or Scifes (was he one of the combine drug test failures?) landing anywhere.

    Bears | Smith discusses plans at place kicker
    Sun, 7 May 2006 06:58:35 -0700

    Gene Chamberlain, of the Daily Southtown, reports Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith discussed the format he would use for the battle at place kicker between incumbent PK Robbie Gould and rookie PK Josh Huston. It won't necessarily take the shape of a day-to-day field goal battle during training camp. "We're just going to do it like every other position," Smith said. "We'll let both of them get their kicks each day, then we'll make a decision during the game who will get the majority of the reps. We just want to put the guys in a situation for them to prove exactly what they have, whether they can help us or not." Huston said his agent had sought out the Bears initially, but didn't target them out of a lack of respect for Gould, who became the starter last year.
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    I noticed Tyler Jones kicking yesterday in an NFL Europe game. He was ranked one of the best last season out of Boise St. He should be available for a try-out. I think Nick Novack is too, who was also one of the best available last year, and kicked for a couple of teams when they needed an injury replacement, I think the Redskins among them.

    If you prefer a veteran, Robbie Gould got signed by the Bears when Doug Brien got hurt. So Brien figures on being let go after camp. He's an established NFL-caliber kicker, and I expect he's got something left in the tank.

    I think Gostkowski's the guy though. While BB's not above admitting he made a mistake, a cuts a fourth round pick, I don't think Gostkowski would have been drafted as high as he was without the brain trust being 90% positive he was the answer.

    I long for the days when I could type a kicker's name without pausing to make sure I spelled it correctly. Where have ye gone, John Smith?
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    The thing that intrigues me about Gostkowski is that his performance has been strong, both accuracy and distance, while only being a part time kicker. Assuming he forgets about baseball and concentrates on the mental and physical aspects of kicking, I suspect he has some extra growth that a typical kicker doesn't have. And even without that, he's been pretty darn good in college.
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    Thanks, everyone for replying to my post. I was impressed by the thought processes behind the replies. The thing that impressed me most about his appearance on the kickers challenge was his nature during the exercise. It looks as if he is a capable mind tied to a qualified leg.
    Thanks again.

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    One of the things that intrigues me is his baseball experience. BB/SP need to replace the 'most clutch' kicker in the NFL, and what do they do? They get a pitcher. (This is not an original thought, I'm sure I osmossisized it from either another poster or tv or something.) What makes 'clutch kicking' so tough is that the game stops, and you're the focus, under the spotlight, under the microscope, every move. Just like, umm.. the Pitcher in baseball. :) That's a lot of mental pressure that only certain types of people can handle... wouldn't shock me one bit if BB watched baseball film on him, just to observe him under pressure situations.

    That's excellent. :D Dude looks big for a kicker too.
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    No doubt, the concept of pressure is almost irrelevant to that act you're doing. Kicking, pitching, whatever, if you can execute an athletic feat under pressure then kicking under pressure is no different from throwing a qualuty strike on a 3-1 count with the bases loaded.

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