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Globe giving Jags motivation.

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsRI, Dec 31, 2005.

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    JAGUARS NOTEBOOK: Scanning the Globe may motivate Jags

    By VITO STELLINO, The Times-Union

    The Jaguars are a popular team in New England right now.
    The Boston Globe said in a headline this week that the Patriots fans "should pull for a Jaguars matchup.''

    The Globe story contended that the Patriots would be better off playing the Jaguars than the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    The Jaguars have clinched the fifth seed and will play the fourth seed in the AFC. New England is currently the fourth seed but could move up to third if the Patriots win and Cincinnati loses on Sunday.

    Pittsburgh will clinch the sixth seed with a victory over Detroit and would play the third seed.

    A Globe columnist said the Steelers are more dangerous than the Jaguars because their defense is healthy and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is healthier than he's been in a month. The columnist also contended the Steelers are more explosive on offense than the Jaguars and said that Jacksonville has a quarterback dilemma.

    There's been so much Jaguars-bashing that quarterback Tom Brady defended them to the Globe and said it was an insult to say the Patriots should lose to get a chance to play the Jaguars.

    ""It's a team that's 11-4. I don't know why Jacksonville gets no respect, but they've beaten some good teams this year,'' Brady said.

    All this is likely to give the Jaguars some extra motivation if they play the Patriots in their first playoff game.

    Linebacker Mike Peterson said, "I love it'' four times and added: "We can use it as motivation. You really don't need any motivation being that it's playoff time, but we're going to use it as motivation all the way to Detroit [for the Super Bowl].

    "I hope everybody wants to play us. Tell them to be patient because they're going to get their chance. We're on the way. We've got to take care of Tennessee and we'll be there shortly.''

    Running back Fred Taylor said, "We've been getting knocked around through the course of the year. You watch different shows and no one talks about the Jaguars. That's fine. We don't mind flying under the radar. We're going to make some noise.''
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