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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Mini-Me_83, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Mini-Me_83

    Mini-Me_83 Rookie

    Hey there,

    I haven't been to Gillette in several years, but, thanks to a reckless purchase and talking my wife into coming with me instead of killing me, I'll be at the AFCCG today.

    Not planning to tailgate, but want to arrive around 2:00. I'm coming from north of Boston, and it would normally take a little under an hour to get from home to Exit 9 off 95 for Route 1 South. I'm thinking of leaving around 12:00. Does that seem reasonable?

    Also, if I park in P10, when it's time to leave, since that's on the "traveling South" side of Route 1, do you know if things are set up so that you can leave P10 and get onto Route 1 North, or would it be better to park on the stadium side so getting back on R1N is easier? (I also used Google to make a convoluted exit workaround taking 140 to 95 leave, but dunno about that...)

    Thanks a lot. This seems to be the place to get inside info, as I'd hate to be one of "those people" who completely doesn't know what he's doing.
  2. PatFanMary

    PatFanMary Rookie

    Since you aren't planning on tailgating, perhaps you might consider taking the MBTA to the game...easier(and cheaper!) than parking and no traffic worries. Just a's the link:

    Sorry, can't help you with the traffic situation, but I'm sure someone will. :)
  3. AStack75

    AStack75 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job


    Also yes. But don't be surprised if you sit in your car parked for a couple hours after the game in Lot P10. I've personally seen it happen a few times.
  4. shmessy

    shmessy Maude Staff Member Supporter

    #75 Jersey

    I agree with Patfanmary.

    If you're not tailgating, do not, repeat DO NOT drive to the game. Avoid Boston also. Go to the Dedham MBTA station and grab the 1:20pm Patriot Train from there. You'll get to the Stadium about 2:05pm. The train leaves on the return trip 30 minutes after the end of the game. (It may save your marriage!)
  5. Mini-Me_83

    Mini-Me_83 Rookie

    Thanks for all the quick and helpful responses.

    I was definitely considering the train early on, but the only thing that makes me nervous is that it leaves 30 minutes after the game, and I might want to stick around a bit to see AFC Championship ceremonies. :)

    Still, two round-trip train tickets and parking in Boston would be cheaper than parking at Gillette, and there's the chance I could get home via the train before leaving the parking lot if driving, so maybe I need to reconsider. Seems like the train would have a fun atmosphere, heh heh..
  6. Hamtown

    Hamtown On the Game Day Roster

    Mini-Me..... YOU DA MAN! Nice choice! Even if your wife was gonna leave you, nice choice on the purchase! :rocker: So here is my advice, it is 8:50AM right now. So get the wife up, get her dressed, get her in the car, now..... get the cooler, fill it with your favorite beverages, stop by the store and get some provisions, and then b-line it to Gillette. A game like this (especially given that you have Tickets to one of the most historic NFL and Patriots football games ever) deserves your full committment. Take a TAXI home i fyou have too. Take train back home and get the car on Monday. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES! Of course I am just jealous and would probably trade my "Left Tackle" for those tickets. Might I suggest tailgating at OUTLAW BBQ. 94 Washington Street, Foxboro. Takes like 10 minutes to walk to the gate from there. In any event enjoy the game, have a blast! You lucky luck lucky MAN! GO PATS!:rocker:
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  7. hallfamebrady

    hallfamebrady On the Game Day Roster

    E - mail me at and I will give you directions using my special short cut. I do not want to broadcast since I want it to remain a short cut.

    P10 is parking hell trying to get out. I have been stuck in there for hours each time I have ended up in there. Try to get into a non blocking lot outside the stadium. You will have to get there at least 90 minutes early if you want to get into one of these lots. If you don't, you will end up in P10.
  8. allbosfan

    allbosfan On the Roster

    The only traffic that I have seen worst than getting into Gillette is the traffic getting out. Your best bet is getting suite or club seats and going in thru the North Street exit. Other than that the train is a good choice. With the construction of Patriot place, just walking out of the stadium is turning into a nightmare. I try to leave at least three hours before kickoff when going to a game. Forget about quicker routes out, they have all been thought of by everyone else.
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